About Us

Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens, this means all trading happens on chain wallet to wallet in one transaction. This is the safest way to trade cryptocurrency as you never give up control of your funds. Currently, we are one of the only DEXes operating a multi chain platform, with a commitment to scaling onto more blockchains in the future.


We also have several released products and development tools, along with services, all aimed at enabling blockchain businesses to flourish in the space - which you can learn more about below.

Learn More about Saturn Network

  • What is Saturn Network? - Here we dive in deeper covering what Saturn Network stands for, how our platform's ecosystem comes together and why we champion a future of decentralized finances.
  • Saturn DAO - There is no CEO at the top of our project, or a greedy board of directors simply thinking about their profit. Our platform is built with shared ownership in mind, open to all, and governed by Saturn DAO members.
  • SATURN Tokens - Learn about what SATURN and STRN tokens represent, what they are used for and the benefits they provide you as a holder.

Our Products

  • Saturn Exchange - A censorship free crypto exchange for ETH and ETC tokens with no need to create an account or any KYC verification, start trading immediately.
  • Atomic Orders - Limit orders to a network of DEXs for no liquidity problems, zero slippage and zero fees!
  • Trade Mining Rewards - Never lose out! When trading on Saturn Network you receive rewards in SATURN or STRN tokens.
  • Saturn Wallet - A cryptocurrency wallet and dApp browser created to provide our users with the best experience when trading on Saturn Network.
  • Algorithmic Trading RSI Bot - A trading bot that automates its strategy of a token's Relative Strength Index.
  • PriceWatch Bot - An automated taker bot you can use to buy or sell tokens at the price you set, allowing you to never miss a profitable trade.
  • Market Making Bot - A trading bot that is engineered to keep a token's market healthy and active, aimed at project leaders or large volume traders.
  • Saturn HODL dApp - Our HODL dApp allows you to invest in Saturn Network in a decentralized manner, buy SATURN or STRN tokens safely with bonus plans.
  • GasToken Miners - Our GST1 or GST2 token miners let you to tokenize Gas on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic network, a way to save on future network fees.
  • Airdrop Tool - A tool for managing and automating token or coin airdrops to thousands of wallets, powered by a smart contract.

Our Services

  • Exchange Listing: our platform is censorship free, which means listing your token on our exchange is FREE and automated.
  • Token Profile Page with Press Release: we have an active following on our blog and social media with over 10,000 subscribers, perfect for announcing your exchange listing or any press release requirements. Your token will also receive a more unique profile page (with links to your homepage) on our exchange to make it more attractive to traders and investors.
  • Promotional Airdrop: our platform's userbase is well versed on using cryptocurrency wallets and interacting with dApps which guarantees engagement with your project via a targeted airdrop of your token.
  • Trading Competitions: hosting a competition on our platform is an amazing way to keep your market healthy and bring in new liquidity.
  • Smart Contract Auditing: blockchain security is crucial for your project's success, a smart contract audit will give you the peace of mind that your dApp or token is secure.
  • Custom Token Development: we are experienced working on various chains and can bring your custom token idea to life, implementing all your required features.

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You can contact us via the following request form, and we will be in touch to discuss your request further.

Alternatively, if your request is not on our form, reach out directly via email:

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And if you just want to chat then you can always drop by our community forum.

Future is bright!