Airdrop Services

Airdrop Services

Holding an airdrop is a very effective marketing strategy, provided you have a good dataset of addresses interested in your token. It's like giving away a free sample - an effective marketing strategy used for thousands of years in retail - but for the digital world.

We offer free and premium airdrop marketing services that are powered by our free and open source airdrop-tool. Please fill in the following form to discuss your project's airdrop requirements:


The prices below assume we will use our Airdrop Portal, if you are looking to airdrop tokens direct to wallet, then the prices can be different due to network costs.

Airdrop Marketing Options

  • Starter Drop (FREE) - Our Airdrop Tool allows you to easily manage an airdrop for free, even if you do not have a list of wallet addresses to use, as it contains lists of active Dapp and DEX traders that automatically update: Saturn Genesis Investors, Saturn HODL Investors, Top 100 STRN traders by volume over last 100 days and Top 100 SATURN traders by volume over last 100 days.
  • Launch Drop (1.5 ETH) - We will manage your airdrop entirely for you and also highlight it on our social media to ensure our users are made aware, and help grow your own social media presence. If you have a list of wallet addresses, then you can provide them, alternatively we will airdrop the lists included for free in our Airdrop Tool.
  • Premium Drop (3.5 ETH) - Want to airdrop the top traders across all decentralized exchanges? Or airdrop your new utility token to all DAI holders? We can make this happen for you! Get in touch to discuss your idea for an airdrop and we will execute it for you.

We accept payment for these services in ETC, ETH and DAI.

If you are interested in purchasing one of those services please fill in the following form and we will be in touch:


Looking for more crypto marketing services? Please see our services overview below, we also provide project overview articles and press releases.

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