Airdrop Services

Airdrop Services

Holding an airdrop is a very effective marketing strategy, provided you have a good dataset of addresses interested in your token. It's like giving away a free sample - an effective marketing strategy used for thousands of years in retail - but for the digital world.

We offer free and premium airdrop datasets that are compatible with our free and open source airdrop-tool. Please fill in the following form to discuss your project's airdrop requirements:


  • Saturn Genesis - original 181 Saturn DAO investors - FREE
  • Saturn HODL - list of all Saturn HODL program participants - FREE
  • SATURN Trading Leaders - top-100 SATURN traders over a time range that you specify - FREE
  • STRN Trading Leaders - top-100 STRN traders over a time range that you specify - FREE
  • Any token Trading Leaders - full list of Saturn Protocol traders of a given token ranked by trading volume over a time range that you specify. Useful if you want to hold a trading competition for your token yourself - PREMIUM
  • Any ETH token, all DEX trading leaders - full list of traders across all decentralized exchanges that have traded a given token, (for example like this). Very useful if you are porting over a project from one chain to another and want to attract the user base to your new token (e.g. 0xBTC on ETH -> BCT on ETC, BOMB on ETH -> POW on ETC) - PREMIUM
  • Any token holders - Want to airdrop your new utility token to all DAI holders? We can make it happen! - PREMIUM
  • Custom - Have a better idea for the airdrop but struggling to execute this on a technical level? Contact us and we'll figure it out together - PREMIUM
While Premium datasets are not free and cost money, here’s how you should think about the dataset pricing. If buying this dataset enables you to create an airdrop that will improve your coin’s distribution and utility to a point that its market cap will increase, and your share of the coin's supply will grow by more than dataset price (e.g. $500), then it was a good deal! And if you don’t think your net worth and coin’s utility will  improve by at least $500 - then you should stick to free airdrop datasets.

Types of Airdrops

There are two types of airdrops - using our Airdrop Portal or direct to wallet. Using the Airdrop Portal requires users to claim airdrops from their account page, which is better for user engagement and trading participation. Direct to wallet airdrop does not require users to claim the airdrop and the tokens appear in the block explorer, which is better for brand awareness and discovery.

The airdrop-tool uses the Airdrop Portal approach. A secure smart contract solution holds the coins for your recipients until they claim it from Airdrop Dashboard on Saturn Network (you should check it out - maybe you have an airdrop or two waiting for you!).

If you'd like to airdrop straight to wallets you can either manually send tokens to hundreds of addresses which can take you a whole day or  instead you can purchase the Direct Airdrop Service and we'll handle the token distribution for you. This service is free if you purchase one of our premium airdrop datasets.


We accept payment for these services in ETC, ETH and DAI. Prices are listed in USD.

Airdrop services:

  • Direct Airdrop Service - $100 (free with purchase of premium dataset)
  • Airdrop Portal Service - $100 (free with purchase of premium dataset or if you have enough technical expertise to follow this guide)

Airdrop datasets:

  • Any token Trading Leaders - $500
  • Any ETH token, all DEX trading leaders - $1000
  • Any token holders - $500
  • Custom dataset - contact us

If you are interested in purchasing one of those services please fill in the following form and we will be in touch:

Looking for more business services? Please see our services overview below.

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