Airdrop Suite Tool Released

Our Airdrop Suite Tool has been released! An easy to use tool for managing your airdrops across Ethereum & Ethereum Classic. You can also find guides on our forum. Enjoy!

Airdrop Suite Tool Released

Our Airdrop Suite Tool is new utility we have developed to help projects easily manage airdrops across Ethereum or Ethereum Classic. It is a tool we have created to be part of our Saturn For Businesses Toolkit.

You could use it to quickly airdrop your new token to community members, set up your payments for completed bounty work or even distribute shared profits for joint ventures.

Airdrop Suite Tool Guides

You can find tutorials on our forum to learn how to use our tool to power your own airdrops or the steps to claim an airdrop. Please note to claim an airdrop you will need to use a supported dApp browser such as Saturn Wallet or Trust Wallet, as you will need to sign a transaction.

If you are waiting for our Saturn Classic Airdrop this #SATURNday (17/11/2018 12:00 PM GMT), then please give the guide a quick read so that you know what to expect. Oh and I just airdropped 148 wallets that have been actively trading on our exchange & our 181 genesis investors some Phoenix - PHX tokens. An airdrop to over 300 wallets completed in just a couple of minutes!

So you might want to check the new airdrop page on our website? Hopefully you have something to claim!

The best part is the distribution is powered by a smart contract, which ensures the airdrop remains decentralized, no need for signing into an account to complete the process. You simply need to sign a transaction with your eligible wallet.

Happy Airdropping!

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