Airdrop Tool

Saturn's Airdrop Tool is a new utility we have developed to help projects manage their airdrops across Ethereum or Ethereum Classic. It is a free to use tool that allows anyone to setup and automate airdrops to thousands of wallets, at a fraction of the price in terms of network fees. This is achieved by keeping our airdrop management tool decentralized and powering it with a smart contract.

Airdrop Tool terminal

Airdrop tool supports ERC20 and ERC223 tokens, or it can also be used to airdrop coin. This means there are many scenarios a project can fulfil with our Airdrop Tool such as distributing shared profits from a joint venture, quickly distributing tokens to new community members or even to set up payments for completed bounty work.

Airdrop Services | Saturn Network
Saturn’s Airdrop Service takes away the headaches of token airdrops. From curated wallet lists to full airdrop management.

You can find a full range of tutorials below and if you need any help please ask on our forum, teaching you how to use our decentralized tool to power your own airdrops or the steps required to claim an airdrop.

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