Algorithmic Trading RSI Bot

RSI Trading Bot is a fully open source and free to use crypto trading bot for Saturn Network. This is our first trading bot that implements automated trading analysis, as it will actively monitor a token's Relative Strength Index.

How does the RSI indicator work for crypto trading?
Here we learn about Relative Strength Index and how RSI signals can help you form crypto trading strategies. Also an indicator we will be automating for you!

Following your strategy, our crypto trading bot will automatically buy or sell tokens following RSI signals.

RSI Trading Bot

Currently, you can run RSI Trading bot on your computer, a VPS or any lightweight hardware such as a Raspberry Pi or an Orange Pi. Of course, the real benefit of running a crypto trading bot is to experience zero downtime which means we always recommend setting up your trading bot in an environment that allows it to stay online all the time.

As crypto trading markets operate 24 / 7 without any downtime, for the most profitable strategies you need to ensure you never miss an opportunity to trade. This is why we see releasing crypto trading bots as an essential part of our development plan.

We have published various tutorials on walking you through setting up our crypto trading bots, which you can find below, and provide full support on our forum.