Announcing New MultiChain Saturn HODL Programs

New MultiChain Saturn HODL programs will be launching next SATURNday, 6th April, allowing you to participate with ETH or ETC.

Announcing New MultiChain Saturn HODL Programs

Update 21/06/2019 - First MultiChain HODL session is now sold out on ETH and ETC. You can read the latest update here.

Following our Q1 review, we are very happy with how Saturn Network has been developing & growing during the start of the year. We have invested adequate time in creating a strong backbone that will allow our platform to scale without running into difficulties, and reach the heights that we all want to see. As a result, we have taken the decision to be much more aggressive in terms of releases & goals we wish to achieve during 2019.

We wish to state now that by the end of the year, we see most of our existing codebase being open-source & also to have published the initial versions of Saturn DAO’s smart contract. To ensure our decision to accelerate our development happens successfully we will be relaunching our HODL program, with the aim of taking on new investment & to provide another avenue of distributing SATURN tokens - which is extremely important if we want our vision for Saturn DAO to be truly successful.

There will be some key differences to these new HODL programs:

  • Participate with ETH or ETC - This time our HODL dApp will be launched on ETH & ETC. This allows you to choose if you wish to participate with ETH and receive Saturn DAO tokens or with ETC and receive Saturn Classic DAO tokens.
  • New HODL UI - Our original HODL dApp was not accessible on our website, this relaunch will happen on the main exchange website.
  • Limited token supply - We see these new programs as short investment sessions that will allow us to complete development goals quicker. The token supply available in our HODL programs will, therefore, be much less than the original.
  • Multiple sessions - We have no wish to start another fully-fledged ICO campaign with targets that could take months to reach and have no plans to shut down our exchange’s loyalty program. It is more likely that we will see multiple HODLs happen at various points of the year.
  • Milestones will also be set - when we launch a new HODL program, it will also have various milestones throughout the session. These will be “unlocked” as more SATURN tokens are distributed, ensuring investors will see development releases immediately & what their funds have allowed Team Saturn to make a reality.

When will the first multi-chain HODL program start?

In this first session, we will aim to distribute 6,250,000 Saturn DAO Tokens and 31,250,000 Saturn Classic DAO Tokens, its milestones will be focused on bringing to life various different trading bots on our platform & allowing the release of some new features that will help increase the number of users on the exchange. It is important to note that selling SATURN tokens is not just about enabling the development team to bring more innovation to the exchange, it also allows us to distribute DAO ownership to interested parties.

Price, launch & lock-up details:

  • Saturn DAO Token: 0.00001 ETH.
  • Saturn Classic DAO Token: 0.00005 ETC.
  • Launch date: 6th April.

There will also be two bonus choices available, giving you the option to HODL your tokens & receive a bonus:

  1. No bonus.
  2. A 10% bonus with a 3 month lock-up.
  3. A 25% bonus with a 6 month lock-up.

With the first option there is no bonus & you would receive your tokens immediately.


The milestones & token distribution targets will be displayed on our website, so you will be able to easily follow a HODL program’s progress.

  1. (✓) Simple trading bot - We will release a fully functional trading bot that can monitor any token marketplace on Saturn Network, allowing you to set up automated buys if the token falls under X price or automated sells if the token rises over Y price. This can give a new dynamic to your trading strategies as you can operate some of your trading without being “visible” to the rest of the market. This trading bot will also be completely open-source, which will help developers make their own variants. Of course, we will also prepare detailed tutorials on how to run the trading bot & ensure anyone will be able to use it.
  2. Trading leaderboards - Leaderboards are a fun way to promote trading, having trading leaderboards displayed on our site can be a way to easily start hosting regular trading contests - much like you see happening on some of our competitor’s platforms.
  3. (✓) Automated trading analysis & indicators - We will provide you with all the tools you need to quickly analyse any token markets on the exchange, such as MA (Moving Averages) or RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicators, and explain how they can be used. All these indicators will be automated, providing you with an easy solution to vastly improve your trading bot's strategy.
  4. (✓) Market making bot - Market making in the crypto ecosystem is a huge necessity for token owners to undertake, in certain cases it is the difference between a token's ICO being successful or not. If there are no buyers or sellers, then the trading of said token is impossible because it is illiquid. This also means that when the rare trades do happen they consequently are extremely volatile and risky: something that investors do not like at all. A market making bot can help solve this problem. Our market making bots will be extremely easy to run & customise, which will make them accessible for any project or trader to use.

As mentioned in our Q1 review post, we also have an upcoming new feature that will help us bring in more users & traffic to the exchange - which is also part of our plan of accelerating Saturn Network’s growth. We will announce this feature in a future blog post as we would like to go into more detail & it is not tied into the HODL’s milestones.

To participate in our upcoming investment session, if you wish to select one of the bonus plans, you will have to sign our HODL’s smart contract to complete the transaction. This means you are required to use an Ethereum or Ethereum Classic dApp browser. You can find a list of dApp browsers to choose from on our forum, they have all been tested with our platform. Also, remember that only you will be able to redeem your tokens when they become eligible after your chosen lockup period - this means if you lose access to your wallet then you will not be able to receive your tokens.

Happy HODLing!

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