Announcing Saturn Launchpad

We are happy to announce Saturn Launchpad, the first cross chain platform for Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO).

Announcing Saturn Launchpad

Our upcoming Saturn Launchpad will make Saturn Network the first platform for Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO). This service will also be cross chain supporting any token on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic.

Why the need for Saturn Launchpad?

Equality is a very overloaded concept. Blockchain's mission is to provide equality of opportunity - we believe every token should have the same opportunity to have a chance for the spotlight, without any gatekeepers standing in your way and extracting rent. You can only imagine how much Binance charges for participation in its launchpad service.

After all, the value that blockchain technology creates lies in removing unnecessary middlemen. We have always believed in self-listing, and today we announce IDEO self-listing and Saturn Launchpad. Crypto investors now have one convenient place to review all upcoming ICOs without any form of censorship, do their own research and choose what to invest in!

What is the benefit for Saturn token holders?

Saturn Launchpad will be powered by Saturn Protocol, a truly decentralized order book, which means that:

  • The liquidity that the IDEO brings will be available and accessible to everyone via all platforms: Saturn Launchpad, Saturn Network, Saturn Tools, Trading Bots & all future use cases of our saturn.js JavaScript client.
  • Investors that choose to participate in an IDEO through Saturn Launchpad will receive SATURN tokens via trade mining proportional to their contribution, and thus become a member of Saturn DAO as well! All in one transaction.
  • Saturn Protocol will see increased use from successful IDEOs, collecting more fees and therefore, increasing the dividend payouts for our Saturn DAO members.

If you are new to Saturn Ecosystem, we recommend you give our how it works article a read, which breakdowns why the above points will be very positive for every token holder.

When will Saturn Launchpad be live?

Very soon! We are aiming for this service to be live before the end of May and will keep you posted on our development progress, so stay tuned.

Masternode Invest is the first confirmed project that will be using our platform for their token sale, we would like to thank their CEO Emanuele Ferrari for working with Team Saturn on implementing this idea.

If you would like to help us pioneer Saturn Launchpad together, please reach out on our forum, if you have a good suggestion then we will be happy to implement it and give you credit.

Future is bright!

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