Asset Links

Let's talk about the latest design updates that have been made and announce a new feature: Asset Links.

Asset Links

Hello Everyone!

Today our new website design received further updates, you will now find our latest news and blog articles on the landing page. The featured posts at the top will be used to raise awareness of our current fundraising and development goals or for important platform updates. You can see we are highlighting our Atomic Arbitrage and dApp development kit IDEOs, which currently have a 100% bonus available if you participate now before our new HODL programs are launched.

We also have a new feature to announce: Asset Links. This allows you to use the asset's symbol as a link to their order book, instead of the token contract address - which visually looks much more appealing for sharing. For example, you can now access ONEX's order book with the following link

Trade ONEX | Saturn Network
ONEX Network (ONEX) token price, orders, live ohlcv chart, candlestick chart, depth order book chart, market cap, token reviews and historical data. Buy or Sell ONEX, easy and secure.

Notice how the generated link preview is custom made to reflect you will be opening ONEX's order book and not just Saturn Network, which makes it very easy for you to start sharing your favourite tokens and even individual orders on various blogging or social media platforms.

Token symbol links are generated automatically for listed tokens that have provided their complete token information on our Github. Token symbols are not unique, therefore, for any duplicates, we will assign the symbol to the token with the highest trading volume - so be sure to get trading to claim your project's token symbol!

And for those of you looking for a more focused trading experience, you can open our complete assets listing page directly via the following link:

We are actively looking for feedback to create the best trading experience for our users, do let us know how you feel about recent updates as our design is still evolving. Disqus comments are now enabled on our blog so you can post your feedback just below, or if you prefer why not let us know in our Reddit.

Future is bright!

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