Atlantis (eFork) Token Profile

What is Atlantis eFork? Atlantis eFork provides support to startups and projects developing on ETC, much like an incubator program they aim to enable innovation. Here you can find out their project and token details.

Atlantis (eFork) Token Profile

Atlantis eFork launched in August 2019, aiming to accelerate growth and development on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Atlantis eFork market's itself as a Decentralized and Anonymous mediation for startups, their goal is to provide support for new startups, entrepreneurs or projects who are trying to implement an idea on ETC but do not have the financial possibilities to make it a reality.

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What is Atlantis eFork Token?

Atlantis eFork Token is deployed on Ethereum Classic blockchain following the ERC223 standard, to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that can provide ongoing support, investment, and growth to new projects. You can think of Atlantis like an incubator program as they focus on bringing innovative and fresh ideas to life that will strengthen Ethereum Classic as a whole.

They do this by connecting projects with funding from their network of Accelerators, Funds & Investors - and reduce time-wasting by filtering down meetings to only interested parties. At the same time by creating further use cases for the eFork token, the demand and value of eFork will increase, ensuring they will be able to continue providing projects with endless support.

Atlantis eFork Token Details

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What is coming?

Atlantis eFork currently has three projects going through their program that have entered the development stage:

  • XClaim - the first ETC asset research platform, an analysis tool for crypto markets, airdrops, exchanges and asset market values on Ethereum Classic.
  • HASHCARD - A new way to rent hashpower from mining farms to mine your favourite cryptocurrencies, buy a HASHCARD with eFork.
  • OreCoinGames Listing - eFork holders will soon have some fun online casino games they can play with their tokens.

You can also buy and sell eFork tokens immediately on Saturn Network, as eFork follows the ERC223 standard there is no need to submit any extra approval transactions: you can trade wallet to wallet immediately - all you need is a Dapp browser with ETC network support.

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