Atomic Arbitrage

Arbitrage trading when executing correctly will always be considered a profitable trading strategy. The problem is that it is a very difficult trading strategy to execute manually. Token trading markets are no stranger to price fluctuations we see happening on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that if you can automate your arbitrage strategy, you will be able to easily take advantage of any price slippage to maximize your profits.

We are planning to enable Saturn traders to bring arbitrage trading into their daily routine, allowing them to easily implement it into their crypto trading strategies. We have outlined two upcoming development features on our blog on how we see arbitrage trading working on our platform:

  • Arbitrage trading bots - a traditional form of arbitrage trading that is executing by running trading bots that will monitor token markets across multiple exchanges.
  • Atomic Arbitrage - a unique form of arbitrage trading which will exist solely between decentralized exchanges, where we are able to guarantee traders profit and there are no risks of slippage.
  • Liquidity For All ETH Tokens - With Atomic Arbitrage trading bots implemented, Saturn Exchange can integrate ETH token liquidity from UniSwap, Kyber Network, ForkDelta and more.

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