Atomic Limit Orders Live

Atomic Limit Orders are live. Create limit orders for token exchanges that will be filled automatically by Saturn Protocol if your desired price is hit.

Atomic Limit Orders Live

Happy to announce that we have added the ability to create Atomic Limit Orders at any price. You can now set your desired price when creating an Atomic Order on supported token markets. Your order will automatically be triggered and filled by Saturn Protocol if your desired price is hit.


As seen above the Instant Swap Price will always appear, which lets you continue to make orders that can be instantly filled and also serves as a reference point for the current market rate.

How to manage my Atomic Orders?

Once created your order will work much like any open order on our platform and appear in your My Order dashboards. And they will also be marked as an Atomic Order.

Atomic Order

Remember that Saturn Protocol is an open exchange protocol designed to be 100% decentralized, this means that creating orders requires your funds to be sent to the order book smart contract. You can cancel your open order at any time, which will result in your funds coming back to your wallet directly.

What will be the next upgrade?

We are also very close to finishing the integration of a second DEX to be used for fulfilling Atomic Orders, which will be UniSwap. Once this work has been done, we will be in a position to add many more tokens to atomic trading. So there is always more to look forward to!

Future is bright!

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