Atomic Order's Rewards Promotion Finished

Happy to say our promotion for trading via atomic orders has been a success! All 10M Saturn tokens have been distributed, which means the new feature has already seen 2,000 ETH in trading volume.

Atomic Order's Rewards Promotion Finished

All of the Saturn tokens allocated towards our Atomic Orders promotion, to reward traders for using the new feature have been distributed - which means the promotion is now finished. The promotion was put in place to celebrate launching our new Atomic Orders feature, where traders can create orders that access liquidity on Kyber and Uniswap via Saturn Protocol. Happy to announce the 10M SATURN tokens we allocated towards the promotion have all been distributed via trading powered by atomic arbitrage. Of course, you will still receive the regular trade mining reward.

Over 2,000 ETH in Trading Volume

Which means in just 30 days, we have seen over 2,000 ETH in trading volume generated via instant swaps or atomic limit orders. At the current price of Ethereum, that would be roughly $246,760 US Dollars.

Great to see traders are already using the new feature to this extent, it will only get better over time as we integrate more DEXs and add support for more tokens. Also imagine this feature with token to token trading - suffice to say, there is a lot more we can offer with Atomic Orders!

What did you think of the promotion?

We would love to receive some feedback in regards to the promotion, and if it is something you would like to see happen to celebrate further DEX integrations or upgrades. I believe it a good segue into opening up a discussion around our current rewards program at the exchange's protocol level.

Increase trade mining rewards
I believe our recent atomic orders promotion, where traders were rewarded for using the new feature by trading volume, shows that the trade mining program we have in place at the exchange protocol level needs updating. Definitely when trading ETH tokens the reward feels very low compared to ETC. It…

I've created a thread in our forum to discuss, let's talk as DAO!

Future is bright!

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