Benefit of SATURN tokens

Our industry is littered with dishonest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges engaging in fraudulent activities to dupe investors and traders on their platform, they use their position of power to advertise fake volume, engage in widespread wash trading and refuse access to your funds when it is in their interest to do so. This means no matter how good of a trader you are, you will always operate at a loss, because they are rigging the system against you for their own profit.

Saturn DAO Token

Saturn Protocol has been designed to be transparent, uncensorable and trustless, to ensure that when you enter a trade on our platform you know that it is truly happening and that you will never lose access to your funds. Furthermore once deployed onto the blockchain it can never be stopped or taken down. One of the ways we achieve this is by building with shared ownership in mind, this ensures there is no imbalance in power: you will never find a greedy board of directors calling the shots at the top of Saturn Network.

And this also stands for profits, as all of our exchange's collected trading fees are shared among SATURN token holders.

Saturn Classic DAO Token

This is what Saturn DAO tokens represent, a solution to the imbalance of power developers or exchange owners have over a project. By holding SATURN tokens, you become an essential part of the development team, you are part of Saturn DAO: a decentralized autonomous organisation whose main objective is to govern our protocol.

Scenarios of token use:

  • Change the default Exchange Fees.
  • Vote for protocol upgrades.
  • Payout dividends (collected fees) to SATURN holders.
  • Decentralized Loyalty Program (Exchange Mining).

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