Beyond Bitcoin, a Saturn Network sponsored event in Thailand

Beyond Bitcoin: Building A Brighter Future, an event in Bangkok on the 4th June hosted by Oracuse and sponsored by Saturn Network. Let's find out more with more Kawin!

Beyond Bitcoin, a Saturn Network sponsored event in Thailand

We wanted to let everyone know that Saturn Network is sponsoring a cryptocurrency event in Bangkok, Thailand on the 4th June.

The event titled Beyond Bitcoin: Building A Brighter Future has been put together and hosted by Oracuse, which is run by our very own SEA Advisor: Kawin Rungsimuntakul!

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The event is the first in a series with a focus on creating an open discussion about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, no matter what your level of experience. Attendees will also be able to interact with industry experts who will share knowledge about best practices for entering the world of ICO investing safely. An amazing opportunity for Saturn Network to show one of our core values, which is helping with the global adoption of crypto.

And of course, it also helps sets us on the map, raising brand awareness in what we believe is an important region for our project!

Anyone who has been following us for some time will have seen Kawin speaking his thoughts for the future in our telegram group but for those who have not, this is a great opportunity for you to learn a bit about him.

Kawin, Oracuse, Saturn Network SEA Advisor

So Kawin tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from and how did you find crypto?

Thank you Sam, for extending the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and providing the chance for our community to get to know me a little better...

I guess I’m a bit of an anomaly, having gone through what I have over the course of my life - it’s really hard to answer that question succinctly. It is one of my grand aspirations to someday write about my experiences and somehow tie them together in a way that would benefit anyone who invested their precious time into reading it… but I’m not sure they would arrive at that result as things currently are. It would read more like another "Curse of the Xanadu" if I can’t tie it all down and end up buying the farm before I finish with a landmark treatise of epic philosophical proportion. Because that’s how we live forever, onwards in the minds and thoughts of those who we’ve imparted ourselves onto. Or perhaps, in a form of code; a smart contract code that governs a DAO for instance. And the DAO then lives forever…

I spent my childhood during the great eighties growing up south of the Dixon-Line from the age of 2, while my mother pursued her doctoral studies in polymer and materials science. Her work carried impact into NASA’s spaceflight program, by making improvements upon the molecular structure of the outer-layer RCC panels that enabled higher stress-tolerance limits during re-entry (one of many research efforts during the program’s break after the Challenger disaster, to see continuance many years later with the Endeavour and Discovery). From this we were awarded a green card that allowed me to return when I was ready for university almost a decade later.

After that I came to my home country of Thailand at the age of ten, where I would complete secondary education from a British international school and return the to U.S. to pursue my own studies in Finance (BsBA) and Entrepreneurship (MBa). After another ten-year stint, this time based in the greater Boston area, I once again returned home and most recently began teaching as an adjunct lecturer of Entrepreneurial Finance at Bangkok University’s School of Entrepreneurship and Management - an institution founded as a result of a partnership MOU with my graduate school, Babson College, centered around the program I had just earned my degree from. So to answer your first question, I’ve had four different dialects of English that I could not consciously control that had developed from my time in these two countries.

As for crypto - I did not find crypto, as a matter of fact; crypto found me. Twice, to be precise. The first time was back when I was 6 years old, running around the open tarmac at Kennedy Center or mischievously biding my time in laboratories at Research Triangle Park; the coolest things to me then were airplanes and secret ciphers. The second time, was when I most recently found myself unable to find a job after my contract at the University ended in 2015 as a result of a political maneuvering that found me as the last remaining member of my department.

I gave up trying to find work after about a year and decided to take my academic work and developed skills into the financial markets and try to carve my own piece of the pie. It was either that or go hungry, and when you try to make sense of how in the world is it that things didn’t make any sense anymore; its when you find yourself outside of the ‘system.’ That’s when the true power of crypto can show itself in all of its glory…

I think you have been following the Saturn Network long before I joined the team, what caught your eye when you first saw the project?

It was Team Saturn that caught my eye. Anyone who trades cryptocurrency on a regular basis knows that an essential part of staying afloat of market movements, being up to date with the latest improvements in tech, demands that you do some amount of reading on a daily basis. The pace of the market is too fast not to, and the scope of it is too wide to rely on solely on fixed number of sources. It requires that you reach out, and to try not to fall into the trap of using the same static flows of information.

Through the normal daily reading and self-exploring that trading cryptocurrency entails, I stumbled upon a well written, deeply knowledgeable, yet impartial article - written by none other than our own Neuron himself. I decided I would take the next step and join the telegram group and lo and behold, there he was having some intellectual debate with one or two other members of the group. At that point, I introduced myself and stated my intention of hoping to be able to contribute as much to the the group as I had gained from it. We threw <3’s to each other and then immediately proceeded to start debating another topic of interest with Neuron till the text walls came out and everyone was satisfied…

What is Oracuse?

Oracuse is an idea similar to Xanadu, as it turns out… haha! It started with the recognition that blockchain technology will shift the paradigms of many industries, and that decentralization, as another agent of paradigm change, will be most effectively achieved with the help of smaller, nimble, value-driven enterprises - led by forward thinking entrepreneurs. Already, we can see that the crowd is capable of shaping the necessary support infrastructure to attain these goals - the ICO, is an example of the general willingness in the market to provide funding and support for high potential projects; but conversely, it is also speaks to the need and lack of good investments at our disposal. So what do we do?

I started off by just putting myself directly in harm’s way, relying on the fact that if I was there for long enough I would inevitably figure out where I would be able to provide the most value and go from there. At the very least, I’d have started to accumulate experience and progress through learning curves from that day. Eventually, I would come up with what is still our mission statement today.

Over the years we have remained flexible to capture pain points and market demand, and like any consulting business we’ve had to uphold the interests of our clients at the forefront. But taking into account what we do best and also serves our client’s interests best, we arrived at three core competencies underneath the overarching vision that ties them together:

Oracuse, Crypto Thailand, Kawin Rungsimuntal, cryptocurrency thai
  1. Our Cryptocurrency Fund - Thailand’s first (unofficially). This has been re-purposed and branded today as The Oracuse Educational Co-operative Digital Asset Array, or DAA.
  2. Oracuse Financial Services - All auxiliary services we provide which involves using our knowledge or experience leveraging cryptocurrency financial technology as an alternative solution to pre-existing banking options available to us. We provide these services on a case-by-case basis and is free of charge for our members and students.
  3. Digital Enterprise - This is the area where our product concepts, nascent ideas and proprietary projects go. There are two/three feasible projects at any given time with a development timeline and roadmap possible with funding allocation.

The mainstay we have today is the investment fund, which is ever-evolving and we can say that we are getting closer everyday to dialing down the final model. We teach cryptocurrency investing and trading in a hands-on, participative team environment. By this, the first course starts with material delivered online and in person, that lays the foundation for understanding the blockchain and sets good practices for successful trading. In the second course, the student gets their skin in the game. A portion is allocated into the main fund, which I manage alongside our team - and a portion is managed by the student. There are mechanisms for consultative training and for consensus decisions. In the last course, we operate alongside the newly minted team member and evolve our strategy according to the sum total. We are in the process of tokenizing the fund to accept outside investment but have prolonged this due to the regulatory environment we reside in.

Last we measured, we were tracking approximately 5% above the global DAA index average and 3% above the top performing DAA as provided by Iconomi.

Impressive! I've heard you have some pretty wild trading stories, want to share one?

Haha! That’s odd, because I don’t typically enjoy telling anyone about my trading experiences! Unlike say, a great hand of no limit poker - where I have so many wild stories and the protagonist usually emerges victorious; trading profitably more often requires consistency and discipline, the stuff that makes for boring stories or none at all. The traits that would make a wild story must be due to contextual circumstances (like, the time I was trading in a strip club and was accused of cheating?) or maybe a huge rekt... now that I think of it, yes I do have some of those after all. Here’s one I’ll never forget:

Date: 30th Nov. 2017
Instrument: BTCUSD, Margin
Leverage: 100x
Opening Balance: $772.28
Position: $30,335.00 LONG Open @ $10,560.00
Duration: < 1 min
Closing Balance: -$1,483.52

flash crash, huge loss, rekt, madness

If you want to read more about that flash crash.

Ouch! And now you are planning your first cryptocurrency event on Monday 4th June, is that something you have always wanted to do?

Well, I didn’t see this one coming so fast - because we had decided to arrange it based on the availability of our guest speaker, Aimedis. It just so happened to be, like with most things in life, that the timing was most naturally to occur now, for a variety of reasons. So just like our first born child, we embraced the opportunity and gave it a trial by fire approach.

Even though I have had a career in marketing and am very familiar with creating events, there are still a few very special things about crypto that aren’t typically found in other industries, namely: the “airdrop” giveaway to the audience, and the interactive live “AMA” session (which we plan to broadcast live on the internet next time if all goes well).

I can see you have several speakers lined up, is there someone you are looking forward to listening to?

Yes, that would be myself! I’m kidding, but what I mean is that I am curious to know as of the time of this interview I have still yet to dial down anything more than a loose outline of what I’ll be talking about…

I will be interested to listen to every speaker on the agenda, to be honest. This is a more of an exciting event to me because I have spoken to each of the speakers, and I am probably the only one who is aware of each one’s capabilities and level of professionalism in each’s’ respective fields.

So I can safely say, no matter what the turn out is or who is in the audience, this is going to be an excellent event simply based on the participants involved and between us, we all stand to learn something valuable from one another and are going to enjoy getting to know one another better. That’s comforting, isn’t it?

The event has a focus on sharing crypto knowledge and developing a local community, so does that mean you will have more events in the future?

Most definitely, it does mean that yes. And to speak to that, events are just as much of a practice-makes-perfect type of activity as most anything in life is… so not only is that true for me as an organizer, speaker, or marketer, but it is also true of my team in their respective roles; it is true of the other speakers and their teams, who will remain part of the foundation of this new community that I believe we are all looking forward to see develop and grow into something with strong value and sense of association as we surmount the challenges that unite all of us who believe passionately in the space that we have chosen to spend our professional and personal lives in.

I think that all of us know that the pathway to driving change, towards achieving the unknown and limitless potential of cryptocurrencies, blockchain economics, distributed ledgers or decentralized systems; undoubtedly starts with raising mainstream awareness. So that’s what we will set out to do as a group, as we should do as an industry…and if you’re anything like me, it would be much easier to achieve together than what has already been a long time trying to spread awareness as an individual - to the point where you’re just going beat that dead horse like you’re the crazy one... haha!

First, we shall continue to build awareness. We can say let’s counter the FUD, but really - we have to gain the interest through genuine, good, hard work. Foster an environment that enables true understanding. Information, curated from countless hours spent above and beyond the average expectation. Give the education because teaching a man to fish builds villages, piers and eventually harbor-side cities. Only then would we be able to sell our masternode shipping rigs, our interplanetary boat systems. If it is mass adoption we wish to see, then a collective momentum is where I believe we need to place our efforts.

Is there a big interest in cryptocurrency in Thailand? And more importantly, do you think they will love the Saturn Network? ;)

We are starting to see more interest from the affluent socio-demographic as of recent, as awareness has now spread throughout the international readership-base. However, we are still marred as an industry by all the scamming, the opportunistic, and what has taken me by surprise the most, the organized/syndicated crime. These are large, network marketing-level ponzi scheming organizations that I’ve seen predicate on the older generations, the less fortunate and the untrained (and uncritical) eye. It is surprising how organizations like, “OneCoin” permeate through all layers of social fabric and gain endorsements from high-level government officials to even religious leaders…

I think it is safe to say that regulation has struggled to keep up with the demands of the populace. Perhaps it is high time to consider that some degree of self-regulation is necessary, and that maybe the solution lies in a hybrid form of cooperation between self and state regulation. It is precisely in this arena, the one of self-regulation, that we have not experienced much of in the past. Prior to now, centralization was absolutely necessary to get our societies on a moral and ethical baseline that is acceptable and enough to provide an environment for societies to thrive. For something like that to change on the macro-societal scale, naturally takes a very, very long time to achieve - we’re talking thousands of years, an epoch of civilization so to say. Never before has it been possible to consider returning to decentralization - and even today, this ethical baseline is challenged and challenges us as we look towards one of the greatest paradigm shifts imaginable. Our interconnectedness, social enrichment, personal values, moral behavior, peer networks - and many more factors have to be in place for us to succeed as a civilization in decentralizing and freeing all the resources that are tied up as a cost to centralization.

In my opinion, I believe that Saturn has a long, long way to go before we see the reaches of its full potential. Anyone who believes as I do, recognizes that Saturn has all the necessary components and attributes to have the best chance at succeeding as an early DAO, which would be pioneering as a working model for self-regulation and a leading example for social decentralization. On the merit of those bases, what is there not to love about Saturn? It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you believe in this then you will work to make it happen as such… and you can be a part of something much bigger and much more valuable than we’ve ever anticipated.

Great! So if any of our readers happen to be in Bangkok what do they need to do if they want to get involved?

For anyone who is interested to get involved, I would recommend the first process which is to lock the door, turn off your phone and take a deep dive plunge into the blockchain - and in my case, make sure you have enough food to last you about two days! That’s the fun way. If you would like to have a guided experience onto the blockchain and specifically, if you are interested in trading or investing - visit our website to gain some resources and reach out to our team through any of our available channels. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our clients with personalized attention and encourage everyone to start a dialogue with us to see if we are a fit for you. Book a free online consultation or say hello to us in our telegram group and let us take it from there! We welcome interested individuals from all backgrounds and levels of blockchain experience.

I hope everyone enjoyed learning more about Kawin, we are sure there will be some photos from the event so be sure to follow us on Instagram and twitter! Stay tuned!