Saturn Classic Protocol Launch Sale

The Saturn Classic protocol launch sale allows you to join the Saturn Classic DAO today and directly support the launch of Radex Classic.

Saturn Classic Protocol Launch Sale

Update: Our launch sale has now ended as we have reached our hard cap. Thank you for your support!

We are very happy to announce that you can now invest in our project with ETC and buy Saturn Classic tokens. Allowing you to join the Saturn Classic DAO ahead of schedule and directly support the launch of Radex Classic. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we have prepared a full article which details why we believe this is necessary to support a successful launch onto Ethereum Classic.

Saturn Classic DAO token Allocation
As you can see 65% of Saturn Classic's DAO tokens have already been allocated, following our Multi Chain Airdrop Formula.

The protocol launch sale has been allocated the 15% of Saturn Classic tokens designated for its development fund. You can participate in our launch sale with ETC and you will receive your Saturn Classic tokens instantly.

Launch Sale Details:

How to participate in Saturn Classic Protocol Launch Sale

  1. Send your ETC to our launch sale contract address using Saturn Wallet, MEW, CEW or TrustWallet. If your transaction fails, then you set the Gas limit too low, remember it will be higher than a usual ETC transaction as the smart contract needs to send you your tokens. I recommend setting 90000 Gas limit to be safe, remember unused gas is refunded when the blockchain confirms your transaction.
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Remember only send your ETC to the launch sale address:


  1. You will then receive your SATURN Classic DAO tokens, please note you will need to add Saturn Classic as a custom token to your MEW wallet so you can view them.

  2. Thank you and welcome to the Saturn Classic DAO!

Here are the token details you will need to add a custom token to your MEW wallet, don't worry you are not confused the address of the protocol sale is the same as the address of the token:

Saturn Classic DAO Token
Address: 0xAC55641Cbb734bdf6510d1bBd62E240c2409040f
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Standard: ERC223
Decimals: 4

We have prepared a guide on our community forum for adding the Saturn Classic DAO token to your MEW wallet. If you need any help to view your Saturn Classic balance feel free to ask in our forum.

Please do share this post on social media and follow our twitter updates! Come chat to us in telegram, we love open discussions about our project, so fire away any questions.

The future is bright and always remember #ClassicIsComing