Saturn Network main ICO has launched

Our ICO has now started, with an updated website. Here are all the details you need to know to participate in our crowdsale.

Saturn Network main ICO has launched

Update: Main ICO Has Ended, please note our main ICO has now ended, you can still participate and buy SATURN via our HODL dApp.

We are happy to announce our main ICO has now started, to support this new phase of our project you will see that our website has also received an update.

Our strategic investor program is also still running, where you have the possibility of a bonus of up to 50% on our ICO price. Remember that participating in our strategic investor program or our ICO allows you to be eligible for airdrops when we scale into the Ethereum Classic and Callisto blockchain. Also please note there are no restrictions, you can participate in both.

How to participate in our ICO

ICO contract address: 0xbb9303164bf36d92dddb805f267463d9688fe472

To participate in our crowdsale, you can use ETH or STN, it is a very simple process and you will receive your SATURN tokens immediately.

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 1 STN = 50,000 SATURN

  1. Send your ETH or STN to our ICO contract address using your preferred wallet.
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Remember only send your ETH or STN to the main ICO address:


  1. You will then receive your SATURN tokens, please note you may need to add the Saturn DAO token to your wallet so you can view it.

  2. That is it! Welcome to the Saturn DAO.

Here are the token details you will need to add a custom token to your wallet:

Saturn DAO Token
Address: 0xb9440022a095343b440d590fcd2d7a3794bd76c8
Token Standard: ERC223
Decimals: 4

Do not worry we have prepared some helpful guides for you on our community forum, which you can find below, if you do get stuck you can just ask.


If you need any help at all, we will be available on our telegram to answer any queries.

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