Chain Expansion Sales

Our goal from day one has to be a cross chain project and we are very committed to bringing a decentralized exchange to every blockchain. The technology behind our decentralized exchange, Saturn Protocol, is compatible with any EVM based blockchain. For example, this would include blockchains such as Cardano, TRON, Qtum, VeChain or Ubiq.

Currently our platform is live on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and when we scaled onto Ethereum Classic we had what is called a protocol launch sale. This helps us ensure the expansion onto a new chain is a success, for example, in the case of Ethereum Classic there was no usable dApp browser so we needed to immediately develop Saturn Wallet.

There is no minimum investment or any KYC requirements to access our protocol launch sales, or any fancy procedures to follow. When we announce our intention of deploying onto a new chain, one of the first steps will be to create a new SATURN token on the chosen chain. We will then make 15% of the new token’s allocation available in the launch sale.

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