Claim Airdrops directly in Saturn Wallet

Saturn Wallet supports interacting with smart contracts directly, no need to use any external websites or third parties. Claim your airdrop directly on chain, this is what being decentralized looks like!

Claim Airdrops directly in Saturn Wallet

With Saturn Wallet v2.0.0 came the ability to interact with Ethereum Smart Contracts directly, with no need to use an external website or any additional tools. This means you can interact with a smart contract and sign executions right inside the wallet, which is a very cool feature to have as it allows for our platform to be further decentralized.

For example, you no longer need to visit our website's My Airdrops page to claim your tokens from any eligible airdrops. You can interact directly with the blockchain using the smart contracts ABI code to claim your airdrop directly inside Saturn Wallet. This means even in the scenario where our website goes offline, you are able to receive your funds without any issues.

This is a tool which will make creating new applications with our dApp Development Kit extremely versatile and convenient, as you will easily be able to test your smart contracts as you build them directly inside Saturn Wallet - no need to set up any frontend!

Ethereum dApp Development Framework
Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!

We are currently fundraising via our strategic investor programs, this release is part of our dApp dev kit, which will facilitate building smart contracts across multiple EVM blockchains with a goal of creating an explosion of independent dApp development.

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How does it work?

Here is a quick guide on interacting with our Airdrop tool's smart contract, showing you how to claim your tokens directly inside Saturn Wallet.

  1. First click on the change wallet icon at the top right, and scroll down to the button to select Import Account in the dropdown box select Contract. Here you will paste in our Airdrop Tool's smart contract address, this will depend if you are wishing to claim an airdrop on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic.
  • ETH: 0x25f17d6cb23cc85bfa6c5e9b8f1d5226f5927cbc
  • ETC: 0xd3906264e1dec6985f68b9d84d0651948ab3bde4
  1. Once you paste in the relevant smart contract address, Saturn Wallet should autofill in the Application Binary Interfact (ABI) for the contract. If it does not you can find the code here to copy and manually paste in.


  1. Once it has imported the contract address into your wallet you will see it displayed much like any of your existing accounts, only that there is a green Execute Methods button at the top - which is what interests us!


  1. Click Execute Methods and you will be greeted with another dropdown box, here you want to select claim which will ask you to input a token contract address. Here you enter the contract address of the token you have been airdropped, so the token you are receiving. You then click Next.


  1. Once you have click Next, you will be asked which of your accounts you would like to use to claim your airdrop. Here you need to select the Account that has received the airdrop you are claiming, otherwise it will fail.


  1. Once you click Next you will be greeted with a familiar sign transaction notification. Once you have submitted the transaction and it is confirmed by the network, you will have received your airdrop.


And you are done! The great part is the Airdrop contract will also be saved in your wallet, under the switch account dropdown so you can easily go back to it in the future.


Of course, as you know any smart contract can be turned into a dapp. You can always claim your airdrop using Saturn Airdrop Portal here.

It is one of the many dapps we have developed, and with your funding and our Developers Kit we will see many more smart contracts and dapps being created for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic ecosystem.

Happy Claiming!

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