CoinMarketCap Compatible API Released

We have now released a public API for our exchange and applied to be listed on CoinMarketCap! And our API can be used to integrate live price feeds from Saturn Network.

CoinMarketCap Compatible API Released

We are very pleased to announce that we have started off 2019 by releasing our API and applied for our exchange to be listed on CoinMarketCap. This is a big milestone for Saturn Network, as CMC is seen in the industry as an indicator of a project's legitimacy, we will cement our place as the first multi blockchain decentralized exchange and only DEX to operate on Ethereum Classic.

You can find our public API endpoint here:

Let's breakdown what our API is currently tracking:

  • ETH_token contract - First you will find the token contract, starting with ETH_ or ETC_ to indicate which blockchain the token is on.
  • name "Saturn ETH DAO Token" - Followed by the token's name.
  • symbol "SATURN" - And then the token's symbol.
  • quoteVolume "90005.0145" - quoteVolume is the token's past 24h trading volume in tokens, in this case SATURN.
  • baseVolume "0.44890000981875" - baseVolume indicates the token's past 24h trading volume in coin, so in this case ETH.
  • highestBid "0.00001" - highestBid will tell you the best current sell price.
  • lowestAsk "0.0000135" - lowestAsk will tell you the best current buy price.
  • last "0.000005" - last indicates the token price for the last executed trade.
  • percentChange "-0.03980797149711763" - percentChange will tell you the token's price change over the last 24h.

We have also made a topic on our forum regarding our API's documentation, which you can find here. This will help you add Saturn Network as a market if your token is already listed on any price tracking website, as you can provide it as a contact point for asking any questions about our API. Also feel free to suggest more features!

CoinMarketCap compatible API - Why is this an important milestone?

After we get listed on CMC as an exchange we will be able to provide an additional on-ramp for tokens to get listed on CoinMarketCap too. Typically, in order to get listed, CMC asks for a token to be traded on at least two exchanges. This can put a strain on a project's development fund but at the same time is not an expense they can ignore if they want to keep their community happy. With Saturn's self-listing capabilities this requirement is effectively reduced to one. We believe this is an important and glorious step towards decentralized future.

Today's API release allows developers to integrate price feeds from Saturn Network into their trackers, such as CMC, blockfolio or delta. This API can also be used to add live price widgets and Buy on Saturn Network buttons directly to projects websites, making it easier for entrepreneurs to offer tokens to their customers.

We will gradually expand this API and add more features to it, so stay tuned! And please do let us know what sort of functionality you would like to see implemented in the future via feedback on our forum.

Future is bright!

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