Community's Saturn DAO Logo Contest

Have you voted in the community's Saturn DAO logo contest? Pick your favourite design and be sure to vote on our forum!

Community's Saturn DAO Logo Contest

Hello everyone!

I know not everyone is active on our telegram & forum so I wanted to write up a quick post about the vote to decide a winner for the community's Saturn DAO logo Creator's Contest which is currently underway. The competition, started by one of our community members tolgn1907, really shows what we can achieve together! Immediately from the start other projects like Bitcoin Classic Token (BCT), Monero Token (XMRT) and Phoenix (PHX) also announced they would offer a reward in their tokens for the winner.

Remember when you are holding SATURN tokens, you are part of Saturn DAO & part of the team. So if you have ideas or want to try something that will help Saturn Network grow, well do not just sit around & think about it: take tolgn's example and just start! And if you need any support then feel free to message me or announce your idea on our forum.

There have been some amazing entries, so I definitely recommend having a look through them all! It has been really fun watching people create what Saturn Network represents for them and see completely different approaches. The vote to decide the winner is happening on our forum and will run until 05/01/2019 23:55 PM, you can find the thread here:

There is quite a lot of tokens up for the winners, so would be great to see our community really taking part in the vote & sharing the link around!

The Winning-LOGO
The winner will receive 10000 BCT (Bitcoin Classic), 10000 SATURN (Saturn Classic), 5,000,000 PHX (Phoenix) & 10000 XMRT (MoneroToken) as a reward!

Second Place:
Second place will receive 5000 BCT!

Third Place:
And third place will receive 2500 BCT!

And just to clarify, we do not see us changing Saturn's logo any time soon as we feel at this stage this could do more harm than good in terms of brand recognition. That being said, many of these designs are beautiful and I will definitely make a point to try to promote their use in our community internally! Such as adding them to our telegram chat's sticker pack or for use on forum update posts.

Good luck to all everyone who submitted a logo!

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