List of Compatible dApp browsers

List of Compatible dApp browsers

Here is a list of cryptocurrency wallets that you can use to trade Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens on Saturn Exchange. This will allow you to learn how to trade on a DEX. Every crypto wallet below has a dApp browser you can use to interact with our exchange's orderbook smart contracts, and each dApp browser below has been tested on our platform and our HODL programs.

What do you need to start trading on Saturn Network?

Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange for trading tokens that runs completely on chain and requires you to use a crypto wallet that can browse dApps and sign transactions. You will need to install one before you can start trading, don't worry it only takes a few minutes and there are many options to choose from.

If we have missed out a cryptocurrency wallet with an integrated dApp browser, then please get in touch via email as we would be happy to add it to our list.

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To Trade ETH and ETC Tokens

Saturn Wallet
Nifty Wallet

To Trade Only ETH Tokens

Enjin Wallet
Coinbase Wallet

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