Saturn Wallet - Cross Browser & Mobile Support

Saturn Wallet is now available on Firefox and this also means mobile support! Access Ethereum Classic or Ethereum dApps even when you are on the move.

Saturn Wallet - Cross Browser & Mobile Support

Since its release we have steadily been improving Saturn Wallet for our users, and now we have crossed another milestone off our list by providing cross-browser and mobile support! A nice addition that we can add to Saturn's toolkit for enabling blockchain businesses to grow.

Developers of Ethereum Classic or Ethereum dApps can now recommend Saturn Wallet to their userbase with the confidence that it can be used across multiple popular browsers and even on mobile. And we also have the peace of mind that traders will be able to access our exchange even on the move.

Firefox Support

Our extension is available to install in Firefox's official Add-ons website, the direct link can be found here. And we have of course updated our homepage to support this new release:

Saturn Wallet Firefox, Ethereum Classic Browser, Ethereum Classic mobile browser, Firefox Ethereum Browser

Currently our extension is now supported on Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, and Vivaldi. We are also ready to support Opera users, however, it can take up to 6 months for add-ons to be enabled on Opera's side - at this time we can offer you the following solution.

Mobile dApp browser for Ethereum Classic & Ethereum

If you like Firefox, you will be glad to know their add-ons are available on mobile. This means you now have a way of accessing Saturn Wallet on your mobile phone and can interact with dApps safely while you are on the move. This is a particular landmark for Ethereum Classic, as there currently was no working mobile dApp browser available for their community.

Users can interact with all the dApps they find in our integrated ETC dApp list from their pc or their mobile, a great plus for any project launching on ETC.

Saturn Wallet Firefox, Ethereum Classic Browser, Ethereum Classic mobile browser, Firefox Ethereum Browser, mobile saturn wallet

I have tested out mobile trading on Saturn Network myself and with one transaction trading now enabled, it is an extremely easy and carefree process. Recently mobile trading on Saturn Network has become even easier with Trust Wallet support.

Ethereum Classic network speed and stability improved

You will also be happy to hear that, as some of our users have noticed, we have also worked hard on improving our wallet's network stability and speed when connecting to Ethereum Classic.

As it stands we have now brought Saturn Wallet up to a point where we are very happy with its current features and functionality. Of course, we will periodically update its dApp list so just keep submitting! Please do continue to provide us with feedback on our forum for new features or any issues.

We will now concentrate on finishing up & releasing Saturn Protocol. As announced earlier, we will have a working preview version on ETC this month.

Future is bright!

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