Dapp Dev Kit Pre-Release: New Airdrop Tool Open Sourced

Airdrop Tool update and open source release, made with Saturn Dapp Dev Kit. Now with an easy to use interface and fifty times more gas efficient!

Dapp Dev Kit Pre-Release: New Airdrop Tool Open Sourced

Airdrop Tool has received a major update, powered by our Dapp Dev Kit. We have also open sourced the latest version which you can find on our Github account.

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The new version of Airdrop Tool is much easier to use as it comes with a slick, easy to use interface, no coding needed, so no more need to fiddle with different command prefixes just launch and follow the steps. It also has pre-set lists of auto-updating wallet addresses for projects that would like to airdrop active users on our platform:

  • Saturn Genesis Investors.
  • Saturn HODL Investors.
  • Top 100 STRN traders by volume over last 100 days.
  • Top 100 SATURN traders by volume over last 100 days.
Airdrop Services | Saturn Network
Saturn’s Airdrop Service takes away the headaches of token airdrops. From curated wallet lists to full airdrop management.

Pre-set Wallet Lists Update Automatically

Now the cool part is that Airdrop Tool queries Saturn API when launched, to ensure the pre-set options of wallet addresses are constantly updated. Token leaders can use our datasets of wallet addresses for airdrop marketing that will bring them engagement with their project, as our wallet lists will only ever contain active DEX traders and dApp users.

Become HODL Investor

It also means you can join our Strategic Investor Program to receive regular airdrops, as your wallet address will automatically become eligible on our HODL investor's list! And if you are also trading SATURN or STRN in big amounts, as a market maker, then you could be receiving even more.  

New Airdrop Tool in Action

Here is a video demo, which is a direct recording of a terminal launching an airdrop, to showcase how easy our tool is now to use:

Saturn Network: Airdrop Tool v1.0.2 DEMO

More Gas Efficient

More importantly, the update has vastly reduced network costs, it now submits transactions in batches to our Airdrop smart contracts. This means our tool is now up to fifty times more Gas efficient and is saving you up to x50 more money than processing a token airdrop traditionally. For example, the airdrop you see above in the video:

  • 19000 GST1 tokens distributed.
  • 245 wallet addresses included.
  • 5 transactions submitted.
  • 0.000055784177 ETC paid in network fees.

If you would like to use our tool to set up and launch your own airdrop marketing, you can follow the guides found here:

Airdrop Tool Guides | Saturn Network
How to manage token airdrops easily? Airdrop Tool can be used to automate erc20, erc223, ETH and ETC airdrops to hundreds of wallet addresses.

Alternatively, if you do not have time to learn how to use our tool, we can help you take away the headaches from managing airdrops - just get in touch via the following form.

Happy Airdropping!

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