Dapp Dev Kit Pre-Release: How to earn $1,500 on Gitcoin bounties

Neuron decides to put our internal Dapp Dev Kit to the test and destroys an ETC Labs' smart contract bounty in 1 hour - while adding in improvements, of course!

Dapp Dev Kit Pre-Release: How to earn $1,500 on Gitcoin bounties

Those who have followed the latest news from ETC Summit 2019 know that ETC Labs has partnered with Gitcoin to provide funding for ETC development.

$1500 Ethereum Classic Gitcoin Bounties
$1500 Ethereum Classic Gitcoin Bounties. The Web3 World Gitcoin Hackathon ends November 11 and ETC Labs is funding 2 bounties worth $1500 of ETC!.

Gitcoin is a crowdfunding and bounty platform for blockchain projects. Projects can find freelancers and bounty hunters for specific tasks, e.g. ETC Labs wanted someone to implement ARM support for multi-geth (to run it on Raspberry Pi), as well as a smart contract development bounty which we will talk about today.

WrappedETC $1500 Bounty | etclabscore Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin
### Prize Bounty $1500 ETC ### Challenge Description ETC is not a ERC-20/ERC-777 compliant token. This limits its utility when dApps try and transfer value against a common token interface. ### Motivation The goal here is to produce a standard contract,..
ETC Labs Smart Contract bounty

We wanted to put our internal build of Dapp Dev Kit to the test - how long would it take us to go from idea to completed $1,500 bounty? The answer is 1 hour, and you can see the result on our Github.

Dapp Dev Kit preview - ETC Wrapped into ERC223 Token - saturn-network/wetc223

Note that we implemented the Wrapped ETC bounty as a ERC223 token instead of requested ERC20, because ERC223 is a native ETC token standard created by the early ETC supporters, and because it is technically superior.

Those who wish to compete for the bounty can easily fork our repository, make a couple tweaks and submit their solution to GitCoin.

Advantages of ERC223 tokens
ERC223 is a new token standard that’s posed to replace ERC20. Developers find it easier to use, and investors are protected by improved security features.

$1,500/hour is not a bad rate, and we are truly excited for the possibilities that our Dapp Dev Kit will open up to the coders, as well as how many new dapps we will see on supported EVM blockchains that help people solve their financial goals.

What is EVM? Smart Contract Blockchain Overview
What is EVM? List of Smart Contract Blockchains that support Ethereum Protocol such as ETH, ETC, TRON, ADA and many others.

Happy Coding!

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Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!
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