Decentralized Profit Sharing Announcement

Today we have an important announcement concerning our plans for sharing collected trading fees from our exchange with SATURN token holders.

Decentralized Profit Sharing Announcement

We are very happy to announce that we will no longer wait until Saturn DAO is activated to start sharing collected trading fees with our SATURN token holders. This means that all trading fees collected so far on ETC will be shared with Saturn Classic holders.

After watching our exchange grow & operate successfully this month on Ethereum Classic, we believe it would be unfair to our initial investors if we did not move to follow the original model we presented in our whitepaper immediately. We want to be able to reward everyone for their early belief in our project, furthermore, we see it as another positive point for our exchange that will help attract new users - especially once we are live on Ethereum.

Shared profit distribution will be achieved via airdrops

As our development team discussed how to move forward with our Saturn Classic Airdrop, it became apparent that cryptocurrency was lacking a decentralized tool for quickly setting up and managing airdrops. Most of the services that exist today are much too centralized for our liking, and nearly always require someone to submit to a KYC before they can receive an airdrop. We decided to rectify this issue by creating our own Airdrop Suite Tool, which we will be unveiling to you this week & will be free to use for crypto projects needing to set up their own airdrops.

It will allow us to periodically set up airdrops to share collected trading fees from our exchange to our token holders, which we will most likely do on a monthly basis.

Saturn Classic airdrop date

So that everyone can see how this will work, the same process will be used to airdrop Saturn Classic next SATURNday on the 17/11/2018. Do not worry it will be very straightforward to use, and we will have a guide published during this week.

In regards to when will we be live on Ethereum, development is happening as planned & going smoothly, though we can not give you an exact date yet. We are preparing to release an update on ETC before the end of November which will allow us to support ERC20 tokens, of course, this is in preparation for our release on ETH - so when that happens you will know we are close.

Nothing really for you to do on your side but to sit back and relax, for the future is bright! Also do not forget about our Saturn DAO logo contest which is currently running, we have loved the submission so far & are hoping to see many more.

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