Digitex Futures Listed On Radex

Another week and more updates for Radex! Digitex is now tradable.

Digitex Futures Listed On Radex

Update 07/11/2018: Though Radex is still live for historical purposes, the information below is outdated. We have since released a new decentralized exchange Saturn Network with many upgrades like wallet to wallet trading in one transaction or token self-listing, this required a new smart contract & therefore we recommend you no longer use Radex and migrate over to the new exchange.

Hello Everyone!

As promised last week, we have now listed Digitex on Radex. Another ERC223 token that you can now trade on our platform. We are always looking for new tokens to list on Radex, so please feel free to make a suggestion via our community forum!

Digitex Futures is a platform that allows users to speculate on the price of Bitcoin against the US dollar but pays out any losses or profits in the DGTX token.

The last week I have been on their telegram channel, so can tell you first hand that they really have a large and vibrant community filled with traders. We're very happy to be able to support their project, it's always refreshing to see a project that has such an active and excited community!

What is next for Radex?

The future of Radex, the Saturn Protocol is going through its crowdsale stage and will enable us to bring upcoming updates to our platform, services like decentralized ETFs and atomic arbitrage will give traders a whole new experience!

Once we bring Radex's API to the frontend you will also find the joy of one click trading and further down the line support for hardware wallets.

Our ICO is running until July 31st, and we are also giving you the chance of a 50% bonus if you buy SATURN via our investor dApp which you can find on Radex.

Why SATURN? Not only will you be able to take part in shaping the future of cryptocurrency, voting to control fees, listing new tokens or how dividends will be paid out. Essentially you will own a part of a decentralized exchange, and holding SATURN allows you to be eligible for our airdrops when we scale into Ethereum Classic, Callisto or any other EVM compatible blockchain!

If you have any queries about Radex or the Saturn Network, please come join us in our telegram where all discussion is welcome. Be sure to follow us on twitter and subscribe to our newsletter below, to never miss an update!

Happy trading!

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