Ecosystem Update: Trading Report, Mint new CHI Gastokens

Read through our ecosystem update: the latest Saturn Network trading report, Top 5 traded tokens, and learn how to mint the new CHI Gastokens with gastoken miner's update.

Ecosystem Update: Trading Report, Mint new CHI Gastokens

Despite network fees rising through the roof on Ethereum requiring over 40 GWEI as a gas price to confirm transactions, Saturn Protocol has continued to see steady usage on a daily basis. We have continued to hold a Top 10 position when looking at exchange rankings.

Top 10 DEX Rankings (7-days) source:

More importantly as trading activity has continued to grow, the protocol continues to collect trading fees at an increased rate. When we launched our last HODL program nearly 2 months ago, Saturn Protocol had collected about $3,600 in fees. We can now see the protocol has collected over $7,000 - that is an increase of over 94%. Token holders will be able to choose to distribute them as dividends if they wish, as these fees will be transferred to Saturn DAO contracts.

What happens to the fees collected by Saturn Protocol v1?
Once Saturn Protocol v2 is deployed and DAO is activated, all trading fees collected by v1 will be transferred to DAO contracts.

Yes, the value of ETH and ETC has gone up during this same period though if you look at the protocol's fees wallet on Ethereum - you can clearly see the value is rising.

All indicators that Saturn's ecosystem continues to grow despite the troubling world economic situation coupled with the meteoric rise in network fees. This should be seen as positive news for Saturn DAO members. Our last HODL program is currently live, raising funds towards the development of Saturn Protocol v2, meaning you can join Saturn DAO today! Don't forget that you can also generate a referral link to share with other communities, friends and family.

Mint the new Chi Gastoken from 1inch

Yesterday, we released an update to Gastoken Miner to include functionality to mint the new Chi Gastoken by 1inch. You can read through our tutorial on using Gastoken miner if you would like to mint CHI tokens.

How to use GasToken Miner
Learn how to save Ethereum and Ethereum Classic network fees by minting GasTokens. Any hardware can mine GST1 or GST2 tokens, it is not hardware intensive!

Current gas prices are quite high, so you will need to make sure your wallet has sufficient funds available to mint the tokens. Remember that minting Gastokens is not like mining in the traditional cryptocurrency sense: you don't need powerful hardware but you do need funds to pay for network fees.

Ecosystem Trading Report

Since launch our total trading volume is now 11,116 ETH and 39,552 ETC which at current prices means we have seen roughly $2,879,104 USD go through our smart contracts.

Exchange Statistics | Saturn Network
Find Ethereum, Ethereum Classic trading statistics and token market data from Saturn Exchange. Learn about top performing ERC20 and ERC223 token assets.

Trading Volume Last 30 Days

Calculated using the price of ETH and ETC as per the time of the trade on our platform.

  • Ethereum: $11,116
  • Ethereum Classic: $2,193
  • Total: $13,309


Trading activity on our token/ETH markets have remained the most active during this period. It is amazing to see that we have cemented our place a perfect exchange for new tokens to launch their project and provide a secure trading environment for their community immediately.

Current Saturn.Network Landing

In the past 30 days, we have seen 2304 trades completed and 2080 orders created along with 103 new token listings and 972 new traders interact with the platform.

ETH Trade Report Last 30-days

  • Trades Completed: 2304
  • Orders Created: 2080
  • New Users: 972
  • Volume: ~1,380 ETH
  • Total Volume: ~11,116 ETH
  • Total Trade Mined: ~276,030 SATURN
  • Total Token Count: 730

Ethereum Classic

Trade activity for ETC tokens has plummeted, with interest reaching an all-time-low. We do see tokens such as UniversalCoin having daily trades, thought the volume is very small. Periodically we see some big buys or sells on our own STRN market, but overall, it has remained quite inactive. Recently, Ethereum Classic has completed the Phoenix Upgrade which makes it extremely easily for any Ethereum developer to port their DApps or tokens over to ETC as the chains from a technical standpoint now look nearly the same. Hopefully, this is the upgrade ETC needed to attract a new wave of developers and we will see some new projects launching in the coming months! This belief is definitely still held by the community and Team Saturn, we can see our HODL on ETC is actively reaching our milestones.

It is not all doom and gloom though, we did see 567 trades completed and 598 orders created which has generated a volume of 342 ETC.

Phoenix Hard Fork Successfully Activates on Ethereum Classic Mainnet
Ethereum Classic successfully upgraded the Phoenix hard fork to mainnet bringing Ethereum’s Istanbul features to classic. The two networks are now fully compatible with each other!

ETC Trade Report Last 30-days

  • Trades Completed: 567
  • Orders Created: 598
  • New Users: 103
  • Volume: ~342 ETC
  • Volume Since Launch: ~39,552 ETC
  • Total Trade Mined: ~253,134 STRN
  • Total Token Count: 108

Top 5 Traded Tokens by Volume

Our rankings are generated by using total trading volume in USD over the past 30 days, to make our calculations more accurate we take into account the price of ETH or ETC at the moment of the trade.


During the last 30 days, $PlanetAgro has remained the strongest performing token market by trading volume. The market has generated roughly $146,965 USD in trading volume, which would average out out at ~$4,898 per day. We have spotted 20 unique traders on this market, together they have made 398 trades total.

Check PlanetAgro price
  • Buys: 356
  • Sells: 42
  • Volume: ~622 ETH

It looks like the market sentiment around PlanetAgro is remaining bullish with 356 buys compared to just 42 sells.

2. XeniumX (XEMX)

The $XEMX/ETH market has been able to keep its second place generating roughly $65,556 in trading volume. We saw 70 completed trades and 12 traders operating on this market. Nice to see this market has continued to trade actively, however, it should be noted it is roughly the same amount of traders as last month. XEMX need to attract more traders that they can show their market is growing organically and positively.

Check XEMX price
  • Buys: 65
  • Sells: 5
  • Volume: ~277 ETH

With 65 buys compared to only 5 sells, it appears traders are currently quite bullish on XEMX token as they continue to accumulate.

3. H3X (H3X)

H3X is a new token that has appeared in our Top 5 rankings this month, entering the third position. H3X appears to be some sort of clone of the HEX token (even a mirror logo), though it promises to be more transparent and reward holders fairer. During the last 30 days, we have seen 44 completed trades and 58 unique traders - which has generated $28,715 in trading volume. Great to see a new market open up strongly and attract a large amount of traders immediately.

Check H3X price
  • Buys: 43
  • Sells: 1
  • Volume: ~121 ETH

Seems quite extraordinary that there was only 1 sell compared to 43 buys, though as it is a new market, traders must be focusing on an accumulation period.

4. Redan TOKEN (RDAN)

The $RDAN/ETH market has dropped a position, now finding itself in the fourth position. We saw roughly $11,254 in trading volume generated by this market, but only 15 trades created by 4 traders. Again a market that would be great to see it attracting more traders, so that investors can know RDAN's market is growing organically.

Check RDAN price
  • Buys: 15
  • Sells: 0
  • Volume: ~47 ETH

There was zero sells over the past 30 days, all of the 15 trades were buys. Potentially simply a couple of investors increasing their positions.

5. 0xMonero (0xMR)

$0xMR/ETH market is another new token in our rankings, finding itself in the 5th position - however, it looks like a much healthier market than some of the above! We saw roughly $8,897 in trading volume being generated by 63 unique traders completing 210 trades. This type of activity is a positive sign for future growth!

Check 0xMR price
  • Buys: 186
  • Sells: 24
  • Volume: ~37 ETH

We also saw 186 buys compared to 24 sells, which shows that traders are currently feeling quite bullish on 0xMonero.

Happy trading!


New to Saturn Network?

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Saturn Protocol v2
Saturn Network plans major exchange protocol updates to improve overall liquidity and dapp interoperability on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

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