Edit Token Info

We recommend providing complete project details for your token listing, as we display them on a token's order book page and also within Saturn Wallet. This ensures our users have all the information about a project right at their fingertips - it also looks much more attractive on our website.

Verified Label

Verified Label

A verified label is applied to project's that have paid for our smart contract auditing services. This will link to our security audit of your token's smart contract code, which will be published on our Github account. For an example, see the security audit we provided for ETC Odyssey.

How to edit details?

You can submit new token information, or amend existing details by using our request form. Please allow up to 48 hours for any changes to reflect on our website.


Alternatively, if you are comfortable using Github, you can submit a pull request to our token assets repository to complete or amend any token's info.

Token Details FAQ

  • How do I order marketing articles for my project? Project overview articles and press releases are published on our blog. They are also tagged as part of your project to be displayed on your token listing. This is a premium service which includes marketing your project to our users and across our social media accounts - learn more here or follow the link below to order.
Token Profile Page and Press Release
Publish a crypto Press Release on our blog and create a unique token profile page for your project on our exchange. All powered by Saturn Network.
  • How do I get a verified label? A verified label means our development team has done a security audit on your token's smart contract code. If you would like a quote you can learn more about our smart contract auditing here.
  • How do I display my token logo? Your token logo needs to be to following format to be uploaded: 200x200 logo on a transparent background in PNG format.
  • How do I display all of my social media links? Simply make sure they have been submitted via our form below and they will be displayed.
  • How do I have my Twitter and Reddit embedded? As long as you have provided your twitter handle and subreddit, your latest posts will appear.
  • How do I receive an unique short order book URL? Short links are generated automatically using your token symbol. As token symbol's are not unique, the token market with the higher volume will be assigned the short link - so just get trading!
  • How do I make a Discuss on Saturn Forum button? You need to first create an announcement thread for your project on our forum.


Additional Services Required?

Please see our overview of offered services below, note that token listing is automated and free for any project.

Our Services | Saturn Network
Service for token airdrops, trading competitions, crypto press releases, cryptocurrency marketing, smart contract audits and custom token creation. Powered by Saturn Exchange.