Ethereum Classic dApps Are Inbound

Saturn Wallet now has an integrated ETC dApps list in its interface and Ethereum Classic is looking better than ever for future dApp or token development!

Ethereum Classic dApps Are Inbound

Today we have made an important update to Saturn Wallet with the addition of an ETC dApp list being integrated directly into our wallet's interface. We believe this is a vital stepping stone for initiating positive development on Ethereum Classic, as it allows us to support developers by ensuring our wallet users will easily find their new ETC dApps.

To developers and businesses, we say that now is the time to jump into Ethereum Classic, no one can deny that it does not have the capacities to be a flagship platform for blockchain based distributed computing via smart contracts. It has always had them & they have always been there, you simply had to wade through a maze to access them. But recent developments have made that maze so easy to navigate.

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Let's quickly go over why Ethereum Classic is currently looking so good!

What makes Ethereum Classic prime for new dApps and tokens?

  • Saturn Wallet - A fully functional wallet & blockchain browser that supports Ethereum Classic, allowing users to access ETC dApps very easily from their browser. And perhaps more importantly, also enabled developers to deploy new smart contracts with the use of remix.
  • Saturn Network - A decentralized exchange, allowing users to trade ERC223 tokens completely on chain, it features wallet to wallet one transaction trading. Blockchain developers can now develop tokens and know that their users will have a decentralized exchange available to them where they can trade securely, as our exchange supports automated self-listing.
  • Coinbase - Regardless of how you feel about centralized exchanges, if you want to see a wider adoption of cryptocurrency you have to make buying crypto simple for everyday users. Ethereum Classic's listing on coinbase ensures more people will be able to very easily buy ETC with fiat, which translates into more people being interested and ready to support new projects.

And then you just have to factor in the following:

  • Userbase - The existing userbase is already very big and worldwide, crucially, it is a userbase that understands crypto and will know what is needed to interact with ETC dApps or invest in ICOs. Any new venture can gain a following practically overnight by simply communicating in the existing reddit or discord communities.
  • Passion - Following the success of our launch sale reaching its hard cap, we can tell you that if your project is genuinely going to help the future success of ETC then you will immediately have several hundred supporters asking how they can help. We can say ETC's community is very passionate about their blockchain and will very quickly get behind new projects.
  • Less competition - Choosing to launch your dApp or ICO on ETC will allow you to stand out from the crowd as, currently, you will be dealing with relatively no competition. However, as Ethereum Classic is already an established blockchain you are not taking the same elevated risks of developing your project on an upcoming chain(that may never see use or users).
  • Future developments - We have announced that Saturn Network will showcase decentralized one transaction trading, Bitcoin Classic token has been announced and just recently we have learned about a project to connect ETH & ETC called peaceBridge. There are numerous announcements of future work that can only mean good news for Ethereum Classic, and we can also anticipate some big announcements during next month's etcsummit.
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All in all, Ethereum Classic is looking to have set itself up perfectly for attracting developers to launch new projects on its platform: one that is immutable & censorship resistant. And Team Saturn is very happy to have helped make this situation a reality!

Saturn Wallet's List of Ethereum Classic dApps

When connected to ETC's network you will now find a third tab dApps which will provide users with a link to the dApp's introduction post on our forum. Here users will be able to quickly find out all the information they need to know about the ETC dApp or ETC game, and easily decide if the dApp interests them or not.

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How can developers list their ETC dApps in Saturn Wallet?

We want to encourage more developers to create new projects and will happily list your dApp, please follow the process that is outlined here. If you have any queries or need help feel free to join us in our telegram group where ourselves or our community will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Interested in supporting Saturn Wallet development?

Our mission is to build decentralized exchanges that run 100% on chain in every blockchain that we can, currently, our alpha release Saturn Protocol (Mimas) is deployed on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Saturn Wallet was a necessary component for accessing dApps on ETC, without it our users would have no way to use our exchange. If you would like to learn more about our project and how you can become involved, please visit our Getting Started topic on our community forum.

Future is bright!

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