Ethereum Classic Hard Cap Reached

After six weeks, our Saturn Classic launch sale has hit its hard cap!

Ethereum Classic Hard Cap Reached

We are very happy to announce that our Ethereum Classic hard cap has been reached! We have now sold 15% of Saturn Classic's total token allocation and raised 3000 ETC.

From day one the ETC community has always shown amazing support and interest in our project, which is exactly what we needed. Meeting new faces in our community and talking to people who truly believe in what we are developing, is something we love to see and keeps our fires burning!

We would like to thank all our investors for their support and say welcome to the Saturn Classic DAO. We are proud to be working in a new way and setting a new standard for the cryptocurrency industry: focusing on releases. In the space of six weeks, we have released Saturn Wallet and deployed Radex onto ETC, all before our launch sale was anywhere near its hard cap.

Where to buy Saturn Classic now?

Saturn Classic is currently listed on Saturn Network, so you can definitely buy from traders via our exchange.

What is next for Saturn Network?

If you have been following our latest updates and forum posts, you will have seen we have taken an initiative to help promote development on Ethereum Classic. Our goal is to turn our forum into a hub where people from all over the world can connect and start working on new ETC crypto projects together. By helping developers launch tokens and dApps onto ETC, we will, in turn, be able to list more interesting tokens on Radex Classic as they are created.

And of course, Radex Classic will receive all the updates outlined on our updated development plan.

Future is bright! Happy trading!

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