Ethereum Classic Token Game Dapp is Live

Token Game, the ETC gaming dApp by Saturn Tools is here! You can play the jackpot styled game with ETC, NTRO, ONEX, BCT or STRN.

Ethereum Classic Token Game Dapp is Live

Happy to announce Token Game, a new gaming dApp for tokens deployed on Ethereum Classic, created by Saturn Tools is now live. Users can enjoy playing the jackpot styled gaming dApp by buying tickets using ETC and the following tokens NTRO, ONEX, BCT or STRN.

Play Now!

Every 24 hours the smart contract powering Token Game will randomly pick a winner, giving you a chance to win the jackpot! Note that each token game is running separately, so if for example, you buy tickets with ONEX then you can only win the ONEX jackpot.

How to play ETC Token Gaming dApp?

The only requirement is to have a cryptocurrency wallet with a dApp browser that supports Ethereum Classic and available funds to play the game. You can find a write up about the best ETC dApp browsers below.

Best dApp Browsers For Ethereum Classic
It has been some time since Saturn Wallet was the only working dApp browser for ETC! Let’s take a look at the best dApp browsers for Ethereum Classic.

Once you have your preferred dApp browser installed, you can buy or sell all of the supported tokens that allow you to play on Saturn Network. If you need to buy coin then we would recommend using a peer to peer platform such as LocalCoinSwap. Or you could buy ETH on LocalEthereum and exchange it to ETC via Changelly.

What can you expect in future updates?

Saturn Tools has also revealed to us that they are currently working on an update to support ERC20 tokens such as eBOMB or GasToken. And if the dApp proves to be popular with the community then they have plans for additional features such as an AutoPlayBot and allowing players to buy multiple tickets per game.

If you wish to see more dApps being deployed onto Ethereum Classic, Team Saturn is currently fundraising to create a developers kit, which you can learn more about below.

Ethereum dApp Development Framework
Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!

Happy Gaming!

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