Saturn dapp Development Kit

Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!

Saturn dapp Development Kit

The biggest strength of EVM-based blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Callisto) is programmability via smart contracts. In fact, the best way to describe ethereum is programmable money. Smart contracts allow developers to create powerful protocols that can be combined like Lego blocks, and the more such Lego blocks are available the more useful the underlying blockchain and its native currency become (e.g. ETH, ETC, CLO).

While there are plenty of software developers who follow the cryptocurrency scene and want to make blockchain apps, also called dapps, so far very few have been able to switch from writing Windows, UNIX or Web programs to writing smart contracts. As pioneers in the world of Solidity programming we want to distill our knowledge into a simple toolkit for developers that will create an explosion of new dapps on EVM chains.

We are experts at creating thriving smart contract ecosystems on EVM chains that didn't have many devs or tokens before. It is only fitting that the team that brought you the first Ethereum Classic DEX, the first ETC dApp and the best multichain dapp wallet will also produce the best dapp developer kit. After all, we know a thing or two about developing dApps ourselves!

Development Milestones

We want to arm developers and entrepreneurs with tools for the whole product lifecycle: from coming up with an idea, to writing the smart contracts, to testing and auditing them, to deploying them on mainnet and creating great user interfaces.

  • Github template - the starting point for every dapp that will get you going from zero to full speed in no time
  • Smart contract library - we will provide reference implementations of popular smart contracts, such as ERC20, ERC223, Mineable token standard, Deflationary tokens, Stakeable tokens, Oracles, Hourglass, and many others. All these contracts will come with in-depth reviews, tutorials and high test coverage
  • Guides on how to properly test your smart contracts
  • Guides on how to debug your smart contracts - invaluable tool for devs during development, saves weeks if not months!
  • Scripts to deploy your creations to ETH and ETC mainnet and verify them on block explorers
  • Guides for how to create modern user interfaces for your dApps and connect them to your smart contracts, and how to deploy those user interfaces on the public internet and share with the world
  • And lots and lots of tutorials!
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