Explore Exchange Statistics with SATURN.tools

SATURN.tools is a brilliant new website developed by Team BCT that you can use to view Saturn Network's Ethereum Classic or Ethereum trading statistics!

Explore Exchange Statistics with SATURN.tools

Hello everyone!

Building a vibrant community around our mission has always been a cornerstone of our project, because what would Saturn DAO be without any members? I have always said our community is filled with amazing & talented individuals, and they never do cease to amaze me!

This has once again been confirmed with the release of SATURN.tools, which is a new website you can use to view real-time Saturn Network exchange statistics across Ethereum Classic & Ethereum. A project that has come out of our community entirely and is being actively developed by the team behind Bitcoin Classic Token.


Well done team BCT! Another victory for Saturn's API & Saturn DAO!

I will let you explore the website yourself and see what more it has to offer:

  • RSS feed linked to Saturn Blog, Bitcoindev & Phoenix Crypto.
  • Saturn ETC & ETH trading statistics (total trades, orders, volume & more!).
  • Ethereum Classic statistics.
  • BCT statistics (blocktime, difficulty, blockreward & more!).
  • ONEX statistics (minted supply, stake time & more!).


And it all comes together with beautiful charts! Also great to see our community working together to promote various projects that have been launched on Ethereum Classic & growing via Saturn Network.

Future is bright!

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