Trading fees on Saturn Exchange.

Trading on Saturn Network incurs two types of fees:

  1. Trade fee: charged by Saturn Protocol on all Market Taker trades.
  2. Gas fee: charged by the Ethereum or Ethereum Classic network on all smart contract transactions.

Trade Fees

  • 0.25% for market takers.
  • 0% for market makers.

It is important to note that trading fees are collected by Saturn DAO, and shared amongst SATURN token holders. We also reward traders with SATURN tokens via our decentralized loyalty program.

Instant Token Swaps & Atomic Orders?

When using Atomic Arbitrage you are always the market maker so do not pay any trading fees, even if you create an order at a price that is instantly filled. You know exactly how many tokens or ETH you get - as the rate is fixed for you.

Gas Fees

Every Ethereum or Ethereum Classic transaction involves a gas fee which is paid to the miners for securing the network. On Saturn Network, transactions are required when trading (buying or selling), for order creation, and canceling an order.

  • Ethereum: You can adjust and set the gas price or gwei via your wallet when submitting an ETH transaction, we recommend using the gas price set by your wallet to avoid failed transactions as it ranges from 1 to 20 gwei or check ETH Gas Station website.
  • Ethereum Classic: The gas price for ETC transactions does not vary as frequently as ETH, you should be fine submitting transactions at 1 gwei. If in doubt you can always check Expedition block explorer.

As our platform is decentralized, every operation happens on chain so you will always be required to pay a gas fee. You can learn more about our exchange's architecture here.

Unlike other decentralized exchanges, all trading is wallet to wallet which means depositing and withdrawing transactions do not exist on Saturn Network.


Please feel free to join our community forum and ask any of your questions there, or get in touch with us directly via email.