First MultiChain Saturn HODL Program is Live

Our First MultiChain Saturn HODL program is live on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic! A new investment session to continue distributing Saturn DAO ownership on both chains.

First MultiChain Saturn HODL Program is Live

We are very happy to announce that our first MultiChain Saturn HODL Program is open & live. The new HODL dApp has been deployed on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic, allowing SATURN tokens to be distributed across both chains. It also comes with an updated interface which can be accessed on Saturn Network's website.


The launch of our MultiChain HODL dApp should be seen as a new investment session for Saturn Network. It allows us to continue the sale of SATURN tokens to raise development funds & also the distribution of DAO ownership to interested parties.


If you participate with ETH then you will receive Saturn DAO tokens on Ethereum, whereas, if you use ETC then you will receive Saturn Classic DAO tokens on Ethereum Classic.

There are three options that allow you to participate in this session & purchase SATURN tokens:

  1. No bonus, receive your tokens immediately.
  2. A 10% bonus with a 3-month lock-up.
  3. A 25% bonus with a 6-month lock-up.

It is important to note, if you agree to a lock-up period to receive a bonus then your tokens are not being held anywhere unsafe. All investment is taken by our dApp, which means any SATURN you buy with a lock-up will be held safely in a smart contract. Once the lock-up period has finished only you will be able to redeem your tokens.

This means if you wish to receive a bonus you will need to use a compatible Ethereum or Ethereum Classic dApp browser to sign the HODL dApp's smart contract. If you wish to receive your tokens immediately, without any bonus, then you can use any wallet such as MEW or CEW. Just do not send any coin from an exchange as this will result in your tokens being lost!

There is no deadline for this investment session, it will run until the HODL dApp has distributed all of the session supply. If you have only recently discovered our platform & wondering what SATURN tokens are for, here is a thread on our forum which is a great starting point to learn more about our project.

Session Supply


  • 6,250,000 Saturn DAO Tokens available.
  • Price: 0.00001 ETH.

Ethereum Classic:

  • 31,250,000 Saturn Classic DAO Tokens available.
  • Price: 0.00005 ETC.


Here is a list of tutorials which should help you with any queries, if anything is unclear please ask in the thread.

Happy HODLing!

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