For Developers

Saturn Network is committed to providing the best environment for developers to easily create tools that interact with Saturn Exchange or any of our products. Here you will find full documentation for our API and JavaScript client, and also our recommendations for building tokens along with many guides to follow. If required we also offer services for smart contract audits and any custom blockchain development needs.

Saturn Ecosystem: For Developers

  • Open Exchange Protocol - Our order book smart contracts are open source and published on our Github.
  • Saturn API - Create tools, dApps, and websites that interact with Saturn Exchange easily using our API.
  • Saturn JavaScript Client - The saturn.js client allows you to create apps that interact directly with Saturn API, that read and write data to our exchange. This enables you to create embedded Buy Widgets on your website or your custom trading bots.
  • ERC223 Token Standard - The ERC20 token standard may be the most common token found today, however, it has proven security risks. We recommend developers follow our lead by building with ERC223 tokens.
  • Smart Contract Auditing: blockchain security is crucial for your project's success, a smart contract audit will give you the peace of mind that your dApp or token is secure.
  • Custom Token Development: we are experienced working on various chains and can bring your custom token idea to life, implementing all your required features.

Want to get in touch?

You can contact us via the following request form, and we will be in touch to discuss your request further.

Alternatively if your request is not on our form, reach out directly via email to discuss any partnership or development proposals:

[email protected]

If you have creating a new tool that interacts with Saturn Ecosystem, please do share it with our community on our forum.