For Investors

Saturn Network has several options for cryptocurrency investors to buy SATURN or STRN tokens, with all of our token sales being accessible to everyone with no restrictions as we are dedicated to being censorship resistant. Our project is entirely funded by independent investment which has always been transparent and open to the public.

The article below published on our blog covers our thoughts on being a blockchain native company and our philosophy when it comes to crowdfunding.

Saturn 2020 Token Distribution
Here Neuron provides an update to how Saturn token distribution is progressing on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Incorporated on the blockchain as a DAO, a new type of software company. The numbers show investing in Saturn Protocol, is investing in growth.

Saturn Ecosystem: For Investors

  • Saturn Tokens - Learn about the benefits of buying SATURN or STRN tokens, what they represent in our ecosystem, their use cases for holders and how they can be profitable for cryptocurrency investors.
  • Strategic Investor Programs - Periodically, we announce investment programs to bring clear development milestones to reality, you could compare them to seed rounds in traditional start up companies. Our strategic investor programs offer bonuses for lock.
  • Saturn Network Roadmap - Here you can find our published Roadmap, which we have broken down into 5 stages. It is a great way to understand what your investment will bring to life and what future features you can look forward to becoming operational.
  • Chain Expansion Sales - Expansion sales happen to directly support Saturn Protocol being launched onto a new chain, they are a way investors can get in early to a new decentrlized ecosystem. We are committed to bringing our platform to as many EVM blockchains as possible, this could be chains such as Cardano, TomoChain, TRON, Qtum, VeChain or Ubiq.

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