For Traders

Saturn Network is dedicated to ensuring it offers the best environment and platform for traders to operate on. This ranges from providing easy to follow interfaces and UI for new dapp users to quickly learn how to trade on a decentralized platform, to also offering full trading bot support for traders looking to operate with no downtime.

We are always open to your feedback and implementing new features that you request, please come let us know on our forum if you think we could be doing something better.

Feature Requests
Feature requests & ideas for what we should build next go here. Need something added to Saturn’s API or have an idea for our exchange? This is the place to ask (and vote) for your favourite ideas.

Saturn Ecosystem: For Traders

  • Trade Mining - Our decentralized loyalty program allows you to earn rewards in SATURN or STRN tokens as you trade. This is a process referred to as trade mining or exchange mining, on Saturn Exchange you receive a reward for any trade that incurs trading fees and it is paid out immediately in the same transaction.
  • Trading Bots - We have a whole range of free to use and open source trading bots that have been tested on our platform. Each trading bot has a dedicated guide for launching it, and how you can set up your trading bots on a cloud server.
  • Atomic Arbitrage - There are several options available to Saturn Traders when it comes to executing arbitrage trading strategies on our platform for profit. Atomic Arbitrage ensures there is liquidity available for all ETH tokens by tapping into various DEXes' order books.
  • Fees - Here you can find out about our exchange's trade fees structure for market takers and makers. Remember that Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange running entirely on chain, therefore, there will always be network fees to submit your transaction.

Want to get in touch?

You can contact us via the following request form, and we will be in touch to discuss your business requirements further.

Alternatively, if your request is not on our form, reach out directly via email:

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Happy trading!