Getmoder (GTMR) Token Profile

What is Getmoder? GTMR token is a project in the lending industry, a platform for crypto backed loan that is fast and easy. Find project details and learn about GTMR.

Getmoder (GTMR) Token Profile

Getmoder is a cryptocurrency project operating in the lending industry. Their token GTMR, deployed on the Ethereum network, intended to be used as peer-to-peer digital cash and used to apply for loans on their platform. They aim to turn applying for crypto backed loans into something that is fast and easy, accessible to everyone.

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Getmoder (GTMR) Token Details

What is Getmoder?

The project aims to provide financial freedom to everyone, by providing a lending platform that enables users to collateralize their crypto assets for a cash loan. They plan to achieve this by providing an open and transparent marketplace for applying for a crypto backed loan. The lending industry is prime to be disrupted by blockchain and smart contract based technologies, as they remove the need for weeks of documentation, verification, and requests that need to be approved.

Currently, the Getmoder ecosystem comprises of two parts: a crypto lending platform and an instant cryptocurrency exchange. Their core business plans and GTMR token use cases are based around their lending platform, which is still being developed and not yet operational. The second part of their ecosystem, an instant exchange service has been released and is live.

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