Goals for Q1 2019

Team Saturn outlines their goals for the first quarter of 2019: the steps needed to grow our trading volume and bring us closer to open-sourcing & a third blockchain.

Goals for Q1 2019

We will start by announcing the goals that we want to achieve during the first quarter of 2019, these have all been set to accomplish our main objective and focus which is to increase our exchange's use. As with the release of our API, we will start to see Saturn Network appearing on crypto price-tracking websites which means that it will be important for our trading volume to grow.

Goals for Q1 2019

  • Internationalization - When we designed our exchange's new UI we made sure it would be very easy to translate into multiple languages. Cryptocurrency breaks down all borders, therefore, we should ensure our products are ready for international markets. Not everyone's first language is English so it would be very naive of us to think that everyone can follow our interface or guides with confidence. When you are dealing with funds, one thing you want people to feel is confidence they are clicking the right button alternatively they will most likely never use your platform.
  • Organised Documentation - For lack of a better word, we have a lot of content that explains the problems we have set out to solve & our philosophy or what the benefits of SATURN tokens are & why Saturn DAO is important for the future. However, everything is a little scattered around our blog, forum or whitepaper - making it harder to find your answer quickly. This does not help us for onboarding new users, how many websites do you instantly close when you can't figure something out? We need to spend the time to refactor some of our articles or guides so that they can be displayed on our website as informational or landing pages.
  • Improve UI / UX - Though we are very happy to hear that our users feel our exchange is one of the easiest platforms to navigate, we still believe there is a lot more we can do to improve user experience on our exchange. We would like to have more dashboards to show various daily exchange statistics or leaderboards to show the trade mining that happens via our loyalty program. Or more filters on our assets lists such as to quickly see which tokens are new. There are also a couple of things we can do better, for example, at the moment the message MetaMask displays when you perform an ERC20 upgrade is quite scary & could alienate users. There is a lot we can do on this front, so please keep your ideas and feedback coming.  
  • Categories for our userbase - We know our community is built up around many different types of users, who have found us for different reasons: businesses, traders, developers or investors. Ideally, we want to provide you with a unique dashboard that reflects why you are interested in Saturn Network, and not bundle everyone into one category. For example, if you are an investor, you may want your dashboard to simple show SATURN token statistics & the estimated amount of exchange profits you should receive.  
  • Improve API - Recently we released our exchange's API which we will continue to update and provide more features, as we saw within just a few days of its release Saturn Network was listed on Delta & a community member created a price tracking telegram bot, so our API will play an important part in helping us grow during 2019. Any developers, please continue to provide us with feedback & ideas for features you would find useful to be included in our exchange's API.  
  • Trading bots - Decentralized protocols & microtransactions are particularly well suited for IoT and algorithmic interactions. While it is possible to build a user-friendly portal on top of a decentralized protocol, the trustless nature and easy onboarding makes computer-aided trading really shine. We have always advocated trading bots being set up easily on our platform, therefore, many of the features we are planning to add to our API will be implemented to allow trade automation. Expect to see full documentation on how to use our API along with a Saturn.js library being published that you will be able to use to set up your own market making or arbitrage bots.

What about open-sourcing and a third blockchain?

We are sure these are two things you will want to hear our thoughts on, and they are very much on our agenda for 2019 - preferably earlier than later! That being said, we believe the goals outlined above need to be completed before we can entertain the idea of open-sourcing and launching onto a third blockchain as they will help us come to that point naturally. So alas, this will be a conversation for another day.

Please let us know your feedback and ideas for the goals we wish to achieve during Q1, we would really like to hear your thoughts or if you would like something clarified - just ask on our forum. We will also plan an AMA session, as users have requested this to be in real-time so most likely we will hold it in our telegram & post the transcript on our forum. Once we have figured out an exact time & date, it will be announced.

Future is bright!

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