HODL dApp Is Over

Before our release on Ethereum (early December) we have decided to close our HODL dApp to new participants. Symbolic SATURN airdrop for our hodlers!

HODL dApp Is Over

We have successfully completed our smart contract upgrade for Saturn Network to enable support for trading ERC20 tokens & implement our new trading fees structure. You will notice we have been able to do this without any impact to trading & with no downtime, this is because our exchange is now running off two smart contracts!

When opening up a buy or sell order, if you check the order details box you will see we indicate which Contract the order is on. If you are buying or selling an ERC20 token such as GST1 or GST2 please check the order states it is on Enceladus, alternatively, your transaction will fail.

Our HODL dApp Will Now End

In preparation for our launch onto Ethereum, we have made the decision to stop our HODL dApp from selling any more SATURN tokens. The remaining unsold allocation will be withdrawn and allocated to our team's development fund. They may be sold at a later date via our exchange or via an updated HODL dApp to secure further funding when required.

Our reasoning behind this decision is because our HODL dApp is selling tokens at an outdated price which was set before our ICO started as it was intended to reward early investors with its bonus plans. As we have token self-listing, as soon as our exchange is live on Ethereum, SATURN will be listed immediately and we would like the price to be decided fairly by the market without being influenced by our HODL dApp.

What does this mean for SATURN tokens that are locked up?

They will remain locked up securely in our strategic investor program's smart contract, you can always check the date on our Redeem page to know when you will be able to claim & receive your tokens. All SATURN tokens you purchased and your full bonus amount will be available for you to claim as soon as your unlock date is reached. If you need any help to redeem your tokens you can follow this tutorial on our forum.

Do I need to claim my tokens immediately?

We have received a couple of messages worrying about not having found the time yet to redeem their tokens from our HODL dApp or claiming their Saturn Classic airdrop. This is not something you need to worry about! Your tokens are safely sitting in smart contracts and they can only be claimed by your wallet - you bought them after all!

Will my locked up tokens count towards decentralized profit sharing?

As announced, we intend to start distributing shared profits from our exchange, via our airdrop tool periodically once we are operational on Ethereum. Though your tokens are locked up in a smart contract they are still owned by yourself, therefore will be taken into account and will increase your share of the payouts.

Symbolic SATURN airdrop for hodlers!

To celebrate the end of our strategic investor program and our upcoming launch onto Ethereum together with our early investors, we are going to airdrop 1 Million SATURN tokens! These tokens will be proportionally distributed among everyone who participated in our HODL program. If you are eligible you will be able to claim these tokens via our airdrop page.

Ethereum Launch Date

The past week we have been testing & auditing our new smart contract rigorously, and it has passed all our tests with flying colours! We are very happy with its performance and now that we have enabled support for ERC20 tokens, all of our exchange's core features are now operational.

We are now ready to concentrate on deploying Saturn Network onto multiple chains. And are very happy to announce our launch on Ethereum is planned early December. We still have a little planning to do this week, and then we will be able to confirm an exact date for you.

Exciting times are ahead and as always, the future is bright!

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