HODL update and Pricewatch Bot source code review published

Crypto trading bots are increasing Saturn's overall trading volume steadily, which is helping us reach our HODL milestones quicker! Here is an update.

HODL update and Pricewatch Bot source code review published

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to highlight that every line of Pricewatch Bot's source code has been reviewed by Neuron & published on our forum. You can read through this superb educational material to create your own crypto trading bots that implement your own crypto trading strategies. No need to have years of coding or development behind you, all the heavy lifting is done with our own Saturn JavaScript client.

Just formulate the logic behind your crypto trading strategy, and then you can start to the steps towards automating it. Incredible to see this has immediately sparked action, and community developed trading bots are already in the works.


Market Making bot beta testing update

All testing has been going forward smoothly without any major hiccups, so far the results have all been extremely positive. We can clearly see the effect that crypto trading bots are having on our platform, just take a look at how the overall volume has been steadily increasing over the past few days:

Saturn Overall Trade Volume (USD)

And this is only the beginning! Don't forget that increased volume, means that Saturn Protocol is collecting more trading fees which following Saturn DAO's shared infrastructure ownership is a direct benefit for SATURN token holders.

Here is a little diagram, outlining that no matter how you enter Saturn's Ecosystem or interact with Saturn Protocol, once you are holding SATURN tokens you are part of Saturn DAO and will receive a share of collected exchange profits.

Saturn Network - How it works

Saturn HODL Milestone Update

Last few days have also been very positive for our HODL token sale, the continued increase of trading volume on the exchange is definitely helping us reach our Saturn HODL milestones quicker. We have now sold over 39% on ETC and over 20% on ETH. Which equates a distribution of over 12 million Saturn Classic DAO tokens and over 1 million Saturn DAO tokens.

Next Milestone

We have set the next milestone at 50% on ETC or 25% on ETH, whichever we reach first. Once we reach this next milestone, we will publish Market Maker bot! This next release will be our first trading bot written in typescript (a high safety language developed by Microsoft). Furthermore, we will publish the source code with a full review of the trading bot's logic so that you can understand exactly what is going on under the hood.

Another cool feature of our crypto Market Making bot is that if it spots any arbitrage opportunities in the order book, it will execute them for your automatically.

Arbitrage opportunity

So you also have that to look forward to.

Future is bright!

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