Honest ICO Review - LanceChain A Zero Fees Freelance Platform

In our honest ICO review article we take a look at LanceChain a zero fees freelance platform that promises a safer environment for freelancers and business owners...

Honest ICO Review - LanceChain A Zero Fees Freelance Platform

Welcome to our honest ICO review articles, where you can get an unbiased opinion about an upcoming cryptocurrency project or ICO and then discuss it in our forum. In the interest of transparency and the spirit of the Saturn Network, we have not been paid for this article & it is not part of any referral program. This is an honest ICO review.

Having been part of the freelance world myself, I know too well the struggles of dealing with platforms like Upwork & peopleperhour - first, you have to wade your way through the ocean of scammers. All the people who just want to contact you on skype and will definitely pay you via PayPal! Then when you finally do find a trustful client that you build up a relationship with - the platform comes in and scoops up 20% of your money.

As a freelancer trying to grow a personal brand & client base, it can be very disheartening & demoralizing using platforms that seem to put up roadblocks before you have even started driving.

Meet LanceChain, a project that has set themselves the goals of making freelancing safer & easier - both for freelancers and project owners.

A honest ICO review on LanceChain the zero fees freelance platform

By using Ethereum blockchain technology, LanceChain does not have to be a middleman like traditional freelancing platforms - meaning that project owners and freelancers can connect without having to pay outlandish fees or commissions. Now this provides a whole range of benefits for both parties:

  • Traditional platforms take a cut between 15% to 25% meaning that freelancers generally adjust their prices and pass this cost on to business owners.
  • Payments will be done via LANC tokens, meaning payments are fast and can not be charged back.
  • An escrow system via Ethereum smart contracts makes freelancers' payments safe.
  • The platform will be unbiased due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain - reviews, achievements, and ratings will not be able to be rigged or manipulated.

Undoubtedly the main attraction for using the platform will be that they are committed to keeping it zero fees, however, their whitepaper outlines many other perks:

  • Work disputes will happen at some point - these will be settled via a dedicated independent committee which they call the Decentralized Expert Team who are elected by LANC token holders. This way suitable settlements are made by an unbiased party who does not have something to gain from the outcome.
  • For businesses they can also offer talent scouting services, sourcing best candidates for the job and removing the time waste of vetting potential freelancers.
  • Early adopters plan - they have allocated 10% of their total token supply to reward the first users of their platform via a cashback system.

Built to scale into Multiple Blockchains:

LanceChain's whitepaper outlines how they feel that the Blockchain industry is very much in its infancy. Currently built to run on the Ethereum blockchain it is by no means set in its ways. The platform has been designed to be future-proof and allow easy compatibility with alternative blockchains.

In fact, they even highlight that they are strong blockchain supporters and that decentralized networks will be the future of human technology. As a result, any projects that help the growth of decentralized applications will receive premium plans free of charge.

Premium plans?

Of course, we have to remember that LanceChain is still a business, so need to make money somewhere! The platform will feature a tier of subscription plans that will give your account extra features - it is important to note that the platform will always be accessible for free & they have also mentioned that holding a certain amount of LANC in your account will allow you to become a premium user for free.

Their premium plan includes options such as:

  • Unlimited amount of connects - be able to send out more job proposals or listings.
  • Customized profile landing page
  • Customized profile link
  • View competitors bids
  • Customized reporting

LanceChain overall honest ICO review summary

This product is definitely providing a much-needed solution to the future growth of the freelancing world: zero fees and commissions. Which means that it will gain a lot of traction & love from the freelance community. Any platform that can ensure the safety of payments and provide honest reviews, will definitely be very popular. So we can expect the platform to have a high liquidity going through it, meaning the value of the LANC token will rise.

Also, they feature a one-click import for your profiles from popular current freelance sites, which should make it very easy to attract users & businesses.

Their roadmap and future vision suggest they are very much committed to the project's success and here for the long term. This is further enforced by their founders and employees only receiving their allocated amount of tokens on a vesting schedule of two years.

In fact, reading through their whitepaper I only had one concern, which seems to be a small contradiction concerning the benefits provided to their premium members:
honest ico review, lancechain, ethereum, token

Which in my eyes goes against their vision of using the blockchain to ensure that no one is censored and everyone has an equal chance to be viewed on their merits or past reviews.
honest ico review, lancechain, ethereum, token

Only time will tell if LanceChain is the holy grail for the freelancing world or just another plague that has become Upwork.

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