How to add custom ETH or ETC tokens

If a token has been listed completely on Saturn Exchange then your token balance will be automatically displayed. However, if it does not come up, you can easily add any custom ETH or ETC tokens into Saturn Wallet.

For this example we will add the Saturn Classic DAO token to Saturn Wallet, here are the token details:

Saturn Classic DAO Token
Token Contract Address: 0xAC55641Cbb734bdf6510d1bBd62E240c2409040f
Token Symbol: SATURN
Blockchain: Ethereum Classic
Token Standard: ERC223
Decimals: 4

Please note if your token balance is ZERO then it will not be displayed.

  1. Before adding a token be sure to set the correct network in the top right alternatively you will not see your balance, Saturn Classic is a ETC token so for this example I have selected "ETC Main Network."

  2. Once you are on the correct network for your custom token, click "Tokens" and then "Add token."

  3. Fill in the required information:


  1. After you click "Add" You will then see the token added into your wallet and your current balance:


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