How to add your token logo

We have designed Saturn Wallet to provide the best trading experience when using Saturn Exchange. One of our key features is automatically displaying wallet's custom token balances and easily link you to that token's order book on our exchange. However for this to work, we need to be aware of your token's details. Here is how you submit your token details to be displayed in Saturn Wallet and to be used across Saturn Ecosystem.

Please use the following request form to submit your project's token details:

We will then be in touch to confirm your token details have been uploaded onto our platform. To ensure your details are added in a timely fashion, here are some guidelines to follow.

Once you have submitted your token details, you can also follow this guide to self list your token on our exchange - which is automated and free:

Token Self Listing Guide | Free Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing
Saturn Protocol supports automated token self listing for any asset on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic following ERC20 or ERC223 standard. This guides teaches you how to list your token.

Token Details Submission Guidelines

Having your token pre-listed in Saturn Wallet allows for your token’s logo to be displayed(as per below), and also for more information concerning your token to be displayed on our token dashboard inside our wallet such as a link to your website and a discussion thread on our forum.

Token Logos Displayed

Please follow these guidelines, if you would like your token details to be uploaded quickly:

  1. We require your token's logo to be 200 x 200 in .PNG format. For the best results, the background should be transparent.
  2. We recommend creating an announcement thread in our forum as a place to discuss your project. This is not required but will be linked in Saturn Wallet and on our exchange if created so gives you a place to interact with our existing community.
  3. Please provide a valid email address on our request form, this is for internal use only and we will be in touch to confirm your token's details have been uploaded.

If you have any queries or need any help, reach out via email and we will be happy to assist.

[email protected]

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