How to add your token logo

We have designed Saturn Wallet to provide the best trading experience when using Saturn Exchange. One of our key features is automatically displaying wallet's custom token balances - if we are aware of the token! Here is how you add your token details to be displayed in Saturn Wallet.

How to add your token's logo and details in Saturn Wallet

Having your token pre-listed in Saturn Wallet allows for your token’s logo to be displayed(as per below), and also for more information concerning your token to be displayed on our token dashboard inside our wallet such as a link to your website.

Please follow these steps if you would like your token to be listed:

  1. Please create a quick post in our Reddit community to introduce your token, this thread will be linked on your token details so do provide complete information.
  2. For your logo, we require a 200 x 200 in .PNG format as the background needs to be transparent. For the best results, your logo should take up most of the canvas & you should not have a big margin.
  3. Visit our Assets Self Listing page on github and follow the outline steps taking care to submit your ETH or ETC token in the appropriate section.
  4. As soon as your pull request has been approved, your token will appear in Saturn Wallet automatically (if you have a balance).

If you get stuck or need any help, reach out via email and we will be happy to assist.

[email protected]

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