How to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic

Learn how to create a token and launch your own ICO on Ethereum Classic. A step by step guide on our forum.

How to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic

Hello everyone!

Following the release of our decentralized exchange and Saturn Wallet, we would like to offer our support in helping developers with creating new tokens on Ethereum Classic and launching their own ICO. We believe this is an amazing time for ETC to grow, now that you have the tools available to ensure that users will be able to access & interact with your dApps and tokens easily. We also want to give you the reassurance that we will happily list your token on Saturn Network. In fact, you can self-list tokens for free following our tutorial.

You just have to look at dApp statistics on Ethereum to understand the value that quality dApps & tokens can bring.

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Developing more tokens on Ethereum Classic's platform will overall be a great benefit to the ETC community. Firstly, you have the increased network use, by that I mean that any token transaction will consume processing power(miners mining ETC) & as you all know processing power costs gas which is paid for, with Ether. This means that more Ether will be consumed, depending on the amount of token transactions, which can cause more demand & may even cause a spike in the price!

And secondly, tokens help complement ETC growth by driving positive feedback about products. When you find an interesting & unique dApp to use along with a token usage that makes sense, then you are more than likely to spread the word. This could lead to an ETC dApp going viral and help bring even more investment & popularity to Ethereum Classic.

Lastly, anyone who has experience developing on Ethereum should not come across any technical standstills when it comes to switching over to Ethereum Classic - technically speaking both blockchains are pretty much identical when it comes to development.

With this in mind Neuron has created a step by step tutorial to follow on our forum:

Please give it a read and do not hesitate to ask us any queries, we just ask that you use our forum for discussion and not message us privately. This allows everyone to benefit from sharing knowledge, furthermore, team Saturn will be more than happy to provide you with feedback on your approach via our forum.

We want to ensure our forum becomes a place where blockchain developers, project initiators and advisors of all levels & understanding can come together, gain insights and information they need to really make their ICO a success. You will notice we have rebranded our forum to support this initiative and created many guides for Saturn Wallet. So what are you waiting for, time to get onboard the Saturn Knowledge Rocket!

Hoping to see some very special ETC tokens being developed in the near future, using the Saturn Network forum as a springboard to their success.

Future is bright!

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