How to export your private key

Please remember to never share your private key with anyone, and if you use it to access your wallet online via MEW or CEW make sure you are on the correct URL. If you ever think your private key has been compromised then transfer your funds to a different wallet immediately.

  1. Log into your Saturn Wallet account, you can connect to ETH or ETC, your private key for the wallet you want to export will be the same.

  2. First select the wallet you wish to export my clicking the spinning man symbol.

  3. Once you have selected the wallet click on the triple dots.

  4. The menu will open, here you can select "Export Private Key."

  5. Then you just need to enter in your password again and your private key will appear for you to copy.

Once you have your private key copied, you can use it to access your wallet with alternative tools like MEW or CEW. Remember if you want to see your custom tokens balance, then you need to use a wallet that supports custom tokens being added.

If you have any queries around exporting your private key from Saturn Wallet, join our Reddit community to discuss.

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