How to install Saturn Wallet on Opera?

As our project has a large focus on being accessible to everyone, we wish for Saturn Wallet to be available on every browser.

We are ready to support Opera users, unfortunately, it can take up to 1 year for Opera to enable submitted add-ons on their side. For the moment we can offer you the following solution, though we can't guarantee that this method will not break in the future.

Installing Saturn Wallet on Opera

  1. Install the Install Chrome Extensions add-on which has been developed by Opera themselves.
  2. Navigate to Saturn Wallet's listing in the chrome store and you should now see: Add to Opera.
  1. You will receive a pop up that you need to accept, this advises that it will not install the add-on automatically and you will have to do it from Opera's add-on manager.
  1. Opera's add-on manager should open automatically, if not you can find it by going to Menu => Extensions => Extensions. As you can see Saturn Wallet appears but it is disabled, once you click Install => Yes, Install then everything should install and work as usual!

If you need any help installing on Opera, just let me know! And if anyone does know how to speed up Opera's submission process feel free to reach out.

[email protected]

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