How to Setup and Launch your own Airdrop

Airdrop Tool V1.0.2
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How to manage token airdrops easily? Airdrop Tool can be used to automate erc20, erc223, ETH and ETC airdrops to hundreds of wallet addresses.

How to use Airdrop Tool?

  1. Requirements
    1.1 Before you proceed
    1.2 Airdrop Tool Source Code
  2. How to use airdrop-tool
    2.1 Airdrop Tool Video Demo
    2.2 Check node.js has been installed
  3. Launch your airdrop!
    3.1 Custom Airdrop JSON file format

1. Requirements:

  1. You need to install node.js, but don't worry we have a full tutorial on how to do that: How to install node.js?
  2. Our airdrop tool is entirely command line based, which means you need to have access to a terminal:
    • If you are on Linux or macOS then probably this is nothing new for you.
    • For Windows users your default terminal is called "Windows Powershell" you can search for it in your start menu.
    • Altenatively, I recommend using Hyper as it supports any OS.
  3. You will need a list of wallets to use for you are setting up a custom airdrop, if you do not have any don't worry you have preset choices to choose from which will airdrop your project's token to active users on our exchange platform.

1.1 Before you proceed

  • Our Airdrop Tool will be making transactions for you so will need you to enter in your seed phrase or private key. Consider making a new wallet just for your airdropping needs.
  • If you are doing a token airdrop, then these tokens need to be in your wallet. You will also need some ETH or ETC in your wallet to pay for gas fees.
  • If you use your mnemonic seed phrase you will be able to select which wallet address you wish to use during the process.
  • If you have not already done so, follow our Asset Self Listing guide to submit your token's logo and additional information:

1.2 Airdrop Tool Source Code

If you are interested in how Airdrop Tool works as a developer, the full source code is published on our Github account, which you can find here:

2. How to use our airdrop tool?

We will now go through the correct steps you need to take to make sure your airdrop is setup and executed succesfully using our tool. We recommend watching our Video Demo as it goes through the whole process from your terminal's point of view.

2.1 Airdrop Tool v1.0.2 Video Demo

You can also watch this terminal recording of launching an Airdrop with our tool which is very easy to follow.

Saturn Network: Airdrop Tool v1.0.2 DEMO
Airdrop Tool v1.0.2 Video DEMO

2.2 Checking that node.js has been installed & our tool will work

Launch your preferred terminal, and type in the following 3 commands pressing enter between each one:

node -v
npm -v

If everything has been installed correctly then your terminal should look something like this:


What to do if you received an error?
If you are Windows, navigate to Node.js in your Start Menu & click "Install Aditionnal Tools for Node.js" before trying again. For any other OS, please try reinstalling node.js as outlined here.

3. Launching Your Airdrop!

All you need to do is type the following command in your terminal:

npx @saturnnetwork/airdrop

From that point on the tool will take over and you just need to follow the terminal UI to set up your Airdrop. You will be able to select the following wallets to airdrop automatically:

  • Saturn Genesis Investors
  • Saturn HODL Investors
  • Top 100 SATURN traders
  • Top 100 STRN traders

Note that these wallet addresses are pulled from Saturn API when you launch Airdrop Tool, ensuring that they are always updated!

Here is an example screenshot


The only difference is if you would like to set custom wallet addresses to airdrop, in this case, you need to create a .JSON file with the details.

3.1 Custom Airdrop JSON format

This file sets the wallet addresses to be included if you need to set up a custom airdrop. Open up your favourite text editor and follow the format below to create custom airdrop list of wallet addresses.

You need to save your file with .json extension on your hard drive or on your server. It should follow the format below as per below, you can include as many wallets as you wish.

"0x123123", // this is a wallet address

What you can do to quickly make sure your JSON file is in a valid format is to paste it into a json validator like jsonlint.

Congratulations! You have succesfully airdropped your tokens.

You can share the following guide to teach your community how to claim their airdrop:

How to claim your airdrop | Saturn Crypto Learning
How to claim your cryptocurrency airdrop on Saturn Network? Airdrop tools supports erc20, erc223, ETH, and ETC. Claim your tokens easily in one click.

If you need any help setting up your Airdrop requirements, please reach out via email:

[email protected]

We also offer Airdrop services built around our tool, which you can read about here:

Airdrop Services | Saturn Network
Saturn’s Airdrop Service takes away the headaches of token airdrops. From curated wallet lists to full airdrop management.

Happy Airdropping!