How to use Brave Browser with Ethereum dApps

Brave Browser is the most simple and secure way to access DApps on Ethereum blockchain. Web 3.0 is finally accessible for everybody!

How to use Brave Browser with Ethereum dApps

Brave is a new generation internet browser that's focused on privacy. Out of the box it helps you browse the internet faster by blocking ads, online trackers, and other ad malware that's omnipresent in modern day internet. By blocking the tracking scripts from ever being downloaded Brave also helps you save money on metered internet, as much as $23 a month according to their marketing materials.

Brave was founded by former executives at Mozilla - the company that brought us Netscape Navigator, the first people focused browser in the nineties, Firefox, the next generation of netscape which is 100% open source, Thunderbird, the first serious open source email client, Rust programming language that is both as fast as C++ and is much safer to use and eliminates a whole class of bugs at the language level, and much more.

You may also have heard of Brave when they've launched their ICO for Basic Attention Token. BAT famously sold out in 30 minutes earlier this year.

Brave browser is compatible with Saturn Wallet, which is what you need in order to use Ethereum dApps, but you still have to install it.

How to install Saturn Wallet in Brave

Step 1. Download Brave

Go to and download the browser for your operating system.

Step 2. Launch Brave

Install & launch the Brave browser, then open up Saturn Wallet's extension homepage in the chrome store.


Then click Add To Chrome this will work even though you are in Brave.


Brave will ask you to confirm the installation, click "Add Extension"


Once installed our exchange Saturn Network will open and you will see our Saturn logo in the top right.

Step 3. Configure Saturn Wallet.

Click on the Saturn logo in the top right-hand corner of the window.


I see you there, Saturn!

Then follow the instructions of the extension: read the terms and conditions, create a password and write down the secret passphrase somewhere where you won't lose it, preferably on a piece of paper. Everything digital can be hacked, but paper remains as safe as ever.

Make sure you do write down the secret passphrase! Otherwise if you ever forget your password or lose the laptop all your funds will be lost.

Step 4. Fund your Saturn Wallet account.

First, find your wallet address.


Click on the dots next to Account 1 and click Copy Address to clipboard

Then, transfer your ETH and SATURN to this address from your main Ethereum wallet or another exchange.

Step 5. You are ready!

Once you complete all the steps listed above you are ready to use Ethereum dApps! Once Saturn Network is on mainnet Ethereum blockchain you'll be able to use it just like any other normal website.

Happy trading!

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